I’m so mentally exhausted from all the exciting sports happenings recently, that I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next two weeks of this tennis tournament!

Wimbledon is one the two annual events that sees me sitting on the couch constantly for the duration. (The other is the tennis US Open.) I usually don’t even leave the house during it, and barely even sleep. There’s no talking on the phone, and very rare checking of emails. And doing business is just about taboo. (So, if you don’t hear back from me during this time, don’t sweat it.) (And…the columns in this e-zine will be three times a week for the next two, as opposed to the week-daily it usually is.)

wimbledonBut this year, I’m just not feeling it as much. I just can’t bear to see Roger Federer lose ever and Raphael Nadal win anything. And it seems like like those two occurrences are happening more and more nowadays. I wish that Rafa would get married and have some kids, (like Roger has done,) so that he can be distracted by real life, as well.

Not only all that, but I really do have a lot of other stuff on my mind these days, so someone else’s success (or failure,) which used to be of such importance to an Empath like me, seems to be taking a backseat nowadays. I have to force myself to just not care that much.

So, I’m not as excited about Wimbledon as I have been for most of my adult life, but I know that when the finals roll around, I’ll be glued to the television, watching Breakfast at Wimbledon, with my mouth wrapped firmly around some strawberries and cream. Can’t wait for that eventuality, now matter who is playing!


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