Though media personality Karen Salkin began her show business career by running away and joining the circus, she’s best known as the award-winning hostess of the long-running television show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue, (more familiarly known as KRR.) The series has often been referred to as “the original reality show.”

Although KRR was often less about food and more about her show biz adventures, childhood in Brooklyn, ongoing exploits, and life in general, Karen became known as one of the most popular and hip Los Angeles restaurant critics. And she’s been an even more in-demand raconteur, as evidenced by all the talk shows that have come calling.

In addition to being an actress with many television, film, and stage credits to her name, she’s been a frequent TV host and guest, with her all-time favorite gig being a duo of  appearances on The Tonight Show.

Karen’s resume includes several radio shows, including co-hosting the nationally syndicated political show, Talk Back, with Fred Wallin. Together, they’ve also helmed a few sports radio shows, with Karen providing the gossip-y side of the subject, (even though she knows, and loves, the competition aspects, as well.) And more recently, she won the audience-voted-upon “Gossip Girl” girl on the internet radio program, Daytime With Donna, which originates from Karen’s native New York.

During the run of KRR, (but prior to launching this ItsNotAboutMe.TV e-zine,) Karen became a successful freelance journalist, with assignments for (among others) TVGuide.comPlays411.com, and her absolute favorite, People.com. Her weekly column for BeverlyHillsPeople.com, entitled Out To Lunch, was the most widely-read feature on that site. She then took that popular column to both the Culver City News and Blue Pacific News for two years, as the restaurant critic for those print publications. Her latest auxiliary gig was as the West Coast Correspondent for Millennium Magazine, which is both in print and on-line.

Just a year or two into her iconic cable television series, Karen became one of the few recipients of Los Angeles’ inaugural Marvy Award, which was given to celebrities who were deemed “marvelous” in their fields, alongside the likes of former Olympic Pole Vault Champion, and current International City Racing CEO, Bob Seagren.

In addition to her show business and journalism careers, Karen has been a model, dancer, hip-hop club promoter, and elementary school teacher. She attended four colleges, collecting two degrees along the way.

With ItsNotAboutMe.TV, (also known affectionately as simply INAM,) Karen Salkin is finally able to combine all of her many interests into one endeavor. She tells it like it is about her experiences–the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Especially the ugly!)

Ever-ageless Karen has been a style and beauty icon since she first came into the public eye with her show. Featured on television shows and in magazines as the “Do,” since the beginning of her career, she’s became almost as famous for her hair and nails as for her personality! And, according to the former CEO of Reebok, her constant wearing of their colorful high-top sneakers, both on-camera and off, helped put that company on the map.

Karen has constantly changed-up her fashion and make-up styles, (but rarely her still-waist-length tresses!) Because of her considerable knowledge in these areas, cosmetics companies often seek-out her opinions on their products.

Deciding to stick with the face she was born with, her “regal looks,” (according to the several artists who have drawn her over time,) led to many modeling assignments throughout the years. She’s been especially lauded for her fashion illustration lay-outs.

And with the popular Beauty section of ItsNotAboutMe.TV, Karen introduces us to her hip and helpful fashion, beauty, and health choices on a continual basis.

But Beauty and Food are far from Karen Salkin’s only areas of expertise. Featuring about four dozen topics, ItsNotAboutMe.TV covers just about every aspect of modern life one could possibly want in a publication. Her theatre, movie, television, and sports reviews are frequently picked-up by other magazines, e-zines, and newspapers.

Karen is happy to have finally launched the video aspect of this site, with her YouTube channel. (It can be found here: ow.ly/Qfwl4.) She’s thrilled to be able to bring you her takes on, as Johnny Carson said of her, “Whatever pops into her mind at the moment.”

Karen Salkin is a much sought-after public speaker, appearing at conventions, colleges, high schools, public relations seminars, and even even company dinners. To book her, contact Karen at karensalkin@gmail.com.


Obviously, by choosing the name Mr. X, he doesn’t want you to know anything about him! So, suffice it to say, this mystery man is the person behind Karen’s successes. He created, and forced her into doing, her long-running cable TV show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue, which is what springboarded her into every other endeavor.

He’s a talented actor, singer, and writer in his own right, in addition to being Karen’s dishwasher, dog wrangler, laundry man, gardener, hairdresser, electrician, sanitary engineer, chef, plumber, cleaning crew, tech support, male nurse, personal shopper, and financier.


Since, as the title of this e-zine states, it’s really not about her, Karen employs several contributing writers who share their thoughts on certain topics, especially dining, beauty items, and gifting suites. You’ll see their names in those columns, along with their comments, so you’ll always know just whose opinions you’re getting.


As long-time readers know, Karen often includes the opinions of others in her reviews, because, as the site states, It’s Not About Me.

We use panels for many sections of this e-zine, including Beauty, Dining, and Gift Ideas, so that our readers will receive the consensus opinion, where applicable.

Most panel members are located in Los Angeles, with a handful in NY, and a few here and there around the country. They’re all people whose opinions Karen trusts. The group is both sexes, multi ages and ethnicities, and fun people in general. And we add to, and mix it up, whenever we can.


Clar-ear-adjustedThe most precious being in the world, Clarence has been Karen’s co-star for his whole life. He’s known mainly for his amazing singing ability, but just this year, like the famous opera singers before him, Clarence has gone into retirement in that category.

But you can see his beautiful face, and mouth-watering (in every way!) kissing technique, in the podcasts coming soon to this site. Just don’t be too jealous now!