After writing 2,399 columns here on INAM, (which don’t even include all the ones I’ve written for other magazine websites, such as People.com and BeverlyHillsPeople.com, and restaurant critiques for a couple of local newspapers!,) I just may have run out of new things to say about my accidental writing career!

Yes, accidental because I’ve never liked writing. You should have seen some of my college papers! If “oysh” was a grade, that’s what I would have received on just about all of them! They were usually pretty funny, though, but again, by accident.

I know just about everyone already knows this "lesson," but the picture is so cute that I had to include it.

I know just about everyone already knows this “lesson,” but the picture is so cute that I had to include it.

I’m not a fan of typing, either. It was soooo much easier to talk-out my bon mots on my former TV show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue. But, due to the success and popularity of it, I started getting asked to write stories for other entities, and it all just grew from there.

And then a couple of guys I worked with on one of those endeavors talked me into doing my own on-line endeavor. And that’s how ItsNotAboutMe.TV was born! And here we are, 2,400 columns later!

I don’t have stories about that particular number to share here, so I’ll tell you some positive things about it.

It’s an “angel number,” as some of my other milestones have been. Since I believe in angels, that knowledge always makes me happy. So here is what this one means: “2400” relates to the field of relationships and money, one of which I have and one of which I only aspire to. (Guess which is which.)

2400.pngLuckily for me, (and for Mr. X, of course,) 2,400 is said to confirm that “you have made the right choice of a life partner.” Yay! (Now I just have to convince him of that!!!)

Of course, that’s so much more important to me than money is, (it’s not even a close category of importance, actually, which may be why money never seems to come to me,) but I’m still happy to learn that the angel number means that “extra money, which is likely to appear in your house soon, will be perceived by both of you as the legitimate reward of Fate for perseverance, integrity, and hard work. Nothing will change in your relationship, and your life will become easier and more fun.” Hurray!!!

I can’t wait! So I’m going to stop this brief celebratory column right here, and wait by the mail for those checks to roll in!

But first I must wish myself an official congratulatory Happy #2,400! Now get back to work on #2,401! I wonder what the next hundred columns will hold, for all of us!


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