I was shocked to discover that I haven’t written a Thanksgiving column for this site in the previous two years of its existence. I always did for my columns in the Culver City News and the Blue Pacific News, but somehow, I never thought to post one here. So, I’m beginning a new tradition by giving thanks right here and now.

One would think that with the horrible year I’ve been having, (losing my precious Clarence and Mr. X’s brother, which are by far the worst parts, dealing with my extreme herniated disk for ten months now and the subsequent weight gain, having to cut down my time in New York from three full months a year to only four weeks total, etc.,) I’d say “bah” to Thanksgiving. But one would be far from correct.

The main thing I’m giving thanks for tomorrow is the fact that I got this horrible back problem this year. No lie. Why, you may ask? Because it made me stay in the house for nearly every second of every day for over three months, thus giving me all that concentrated time with my precious boy, Clarence. He was not even close to sick when this happened to me back on February 2, so, had I not been physically forced to stay home, I would have still been out every night, gallivanting around town. And I would have spent a month away from him in the Spring, something I would have been berating myself for now. So, no matter how painful and annoying this back issue is, I’m so grateful to it for giving me that extra time with my best friend.

I’m also grateful for the experiences that I have because of this website. When I basically moved the contents of my television show over to the web, I didn’t think it was possible to still get included in as many events as Karen’s Restaurant Revue afforded me, so I’m overwhelmed by the number of people who seek out my attendance now, knock on wood. And I’m happy to bring it all to you right here on www.ItsNotAboutMe.TV.

As always, I’m thankful for, and to, Mr. X…for everything! He’s still the funniest person I‘ve ever met, (and yes, I have met Chris Rock and Dame Edna,) and I’m definitely giving thanks that he keeps me laughing and entertained at all times.

I’m grateful that my little mother is still doing great in New York City. Always one to march to her own drummer, I’m amazed at her independence there–she never asks for help and accepts whatever life throws her way. She’s still a pissa after all these years, and very far from the stereotypical Jewish mother–she never asks me to come home and help her out. Far from it–she begs me to stay away! Hmmm.

And lastly, and far from least, I’m thankful for all of you, the readers, who have made my site grow on a daily basis. I love seeing those “visitor” numbers get higher!

I wish all of you a happy, delicious, and safe Thanksgiving.



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