In addition to using this three-day week-end as a break from work, and as a time to relax and have some fun, we all need to keep in mind the real purpose of Memorial Day. At least on Monday, the day of the actual holiday.

Things-to-Do-Over-Memorial-Day-WeekendAnd that purpose is to honor our country’s armed forces who have lost their lives in service to it. I hope everyone can remember that.

But this year’s Memorial Day is especially poignant. It’s not just the war veterans of the United States I’ll be remembering. I’ll be thinking of the modern-day warriors of Ukraine, who are giving their lives to keep their country going in this extremely trying time. I’m sure that most of us in America cannot even begin to imagine what everyone there is going through.

And there are no warriors braver than Ukraine’s President Zelensky and his wife. I pray for them every night, actually, right along with my own friends.

And even though Memorial Day was designated to honor fallen military personnel, I also use the day to remember my own deceased loved ones, no matter how they left this level of life, even more than I usually do.

Extremely sadly, I’m sure that many of us will also be thinking of the families of the at least nineteen children and two teachers who lost their lives in the Uvalde, Texas horrendous school shooting just the other day. I hope that all of us who care about our fellow human beings will take a minute of this work break to let our representatives know that we want gun control in our country!!!

xmem-450x0.png.pagespeed.ic.YC4vcAtY5pSo, yes, please go ahead and have some fun this week-end; we all deserve it after the past two years of solitude. But also please remember to think of the ones who went before, on every level and in every way, especially to say even a silent “thank you” to the people who gave their lives so that we all can have our celebrations of the holiday over the next three days.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and especially safe, Memorial Day Week-end. I hope you enjoy however you spend the next few days while still sparing a thought for the people this holiday was designed for to begin with.


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