I’m currently in Brooklyn to enjoy the holidays with my little mother for the first time since I left home as a teen-ager. (Not as a protest–just for summer travel, but when I found L.A., I never went back.)

I just could not bear to spend Christmas here without my precious boy, Clarence, because it would really be too painful. Mr. X felt the same way, so we’re praying that being out of town will help somewhat, and hopefully we’ll bring some joy to my deserving mom. (Well, we know Mr. X will–me we’re not so sure about in the “joy” department. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.)

Karen and Clarence on a very happy past Christmas.

And, by being on the east coast, we’re hoping for our first white Christmas since we’re adults. (I think I’m stretching it with the word “adults” here, but you get my drift.)

I wish you all a fabulous holiday on every level, while reminding everyone, including myself, that there are so many who need our help this year. For the first time ever, in lieu of holiday goodie gift bags for all of my business contacts, that I spend so many hours on each year, I’m donating to a charity. I used to not like that idea, because I always love when the bell rings at this time of year and there’s a surprise package, but I just felt I had to contribute to a higher cause this year.

My only time-consuming problem was just which charity to donate to–there are so many deserving ones. The research alone, to ascertain each one’s need and legitimacy, took longer than all the shopping and gift-gathering for the bags the previous years! But I’m satisfied with my choice, and feel great that I can help the world just a tiny drop. I always feel that if each one of us helped others for just even an hour a week, the health of the world, in general, would be further along.

No matter where you are in the world or what your circumstances are, I hope you’ll have a wonderful and safe holiday. If nothing else, use the stillness of the universe tomorrow to chill, relax, and renew.



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