HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013-2014!


For some reason, I was just experiencing something like seasonal writer’s block. So, for a little inspiration, I looked back over my last four Happy New Year columns, (ItsNotAboutMe.TV has been in existence since Fall 2009,) and then I also took a gander at my first columns of each new year.

And I noticed that last year, my one New Year’s resolution was to make my columns shorter! With all that’s gone on this year, it seems like I forgot that promise on way too many occasions.

New_Year_illustrationSo all I’m going to tell you today is to have a wonderful, safe, happy, and healthy New Year’s Eve.

And if you’re staying in tonight for safety’s sake, or just to recharge, or you just don’t want to see a bunch of drunk people, and you’re bored, you can always do what I just did, and look over my archives to the left of the front page. You can either search Holiday, or December and January of each year. It’s really easy to do. I actually am just joking telling you this, but as I’m writing it, I realize that, in several of them, there are tips of things to do for good luck tonight and tomorrow morning, so now I realize I’m serious about telling you to do it.

And then, don’t read any new columns of mine until next year! You get the joke, right? Next year is tomorrow! But I’ve taken the day off, so I’ll meet you back here on January 2, 2014, just a dozen days before my birthday! (Again.)

Okay, short column today! Living up to last year’s resolution.

No matter what you do tonight, have a very Happy New Year!


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