HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012-2013


I can’t believe that New Year’s Eve is here again so soon!!!

It’s been a trying year, to say the least, not just for me but for this whole country. But we got through it somehow.

Two weeks from today, January 14, is my birthday. I’m praying that this year will be a different story than last year. I had to cancel the wonderful party I had planned because I had just lost my mother on Christmas Day. Despite what a lot of my friends suggested, (that my mother would want me to go ahead with the party, which I agree she really would have wanted,) there was no way I could be celebrating at that time.

It was hard enough to not have my little mo to call. Yes, that’s correct, I called her. Every year at 5:30AM east coast time. To congratulate her for having me at that time all those years ago. She loved the ritual. And, even though I had to stay up till my 2:03 AM (my time) to do it, so did I.

So, I’m hoping that 2013 starts off very happy for all of us. And stays that way!!!

No matter how you celebrate tonight and tomorrow, please keep safety foremost in your mind.

And have a very Happy New Year!!! Let’s meet here again next year. (Which is my stupid joke meaning tomorrow. Actually, I hope to take the day off and resume on January 2. That should give you all time to sober up. See you then!)


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