When I was recently in New York, my friend Lauren treated me to a fabulous facial at a medical spa I’m going to tell you about in the next few weeks. So, as she’s been visiting our city this week, I wanted to return the favor.

And, with perfect timing, I was invited to a “Night of Beauty” at Ona Spa in West Hollywood, which enabled me to make it even more fun, and educational, for her.

The room I had Reconnective Healing in. Photo by Karen Salkin.

While we mingled, sipped champagne, and snacked on sweet treats provided by the near-by Milk bakeshop, we got to visit six treatment rooms at our own pace. In four of them, we learned about different products the spa uses in its facials, including getting a quick cleansing, but the two healing treatments that the spa features were the stars of the evening.

First up for us was the non-touching Reconnective Healing, performed by Angelica Sepulveda. (Great name, eh?) The jury’s still out for me on the benefits, (I think I probably need to experience a full session, rather than just a few minutes,) but Lauren loved it. And, with all my annoying recent physical afflictions, I’m willing to try anything. And I really do believe in alternative treatments for pain. Also, anything that allows me to lie still in a lovely, peaceful environment, and not have to entertain anybody for a brief while, is wonderful in my book.

Angelica said I could open my eyes whenever I wanted to, but I was just as happy to totally chill while she slowly moved around the table, doing her thing. She really loves doing it, too, you can tell. Lauren said the shoulder she hurt while in town felt better the next day, but I think that my back issues probably need the full treatment. (The literature says that one half hour treatment is all you need for life! Who wouldn‘t try it with those odds???)

My favorite part of the evening by far was the foot reflexology preformed by the very knowledgeable Director of Massage Service, Daniel Krasofski. Not only did he work on me for a good while, and offer honest, intelligent conversation while doing it, but he taught me the points I could massage at home for all my different maladies. (It seems that now I’m losing the hearing in left ear, with uncomfortable pains in my head behind it, so if you’re an ENT with some tips to help that, please let me know your thoughts. No joking around here.)

And we did all this in just two hours! That means we had time to head over to the Grove after and watch hordes of fans gather at the bookstore doors for a glimpse of the always adorable Ricky Martin signing his new book. And our Ona Spa glows helped us fit right in with the shining faces of the people who had just met one of their idols. It was a perfect girls night out in Los Angeles.

7373 Beverly Boulevard    323-931-4442


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