As my avid readers know, I love all the creative events I’ve attended over the years at the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic. On previous visits, I’ve always salivated over the hair care salon on the top floor. I’ve often fretted over that it was being used for just private events. (Like I don’t have enough to worry about!)


spa-dayWell, now it’s officially open as the Paul Ohana Salon, and it offers the peaceful experience that I feel getting beautiful should be. Not only is Paul himself attractive and knowledgeable, but there are no attitudinal auxiliary workers to deal with. His assistant, Anna, does just what needs to be done, (washes your hair, etc.) without trying to be your best friend. The whole experience makes you comfortable and gives you space to spend time with yourself.

I had just gotten back in town, so my mind was too full to let Paul give me a new style, though he was quite complimentary about my long straight hair, and not one of those crazy dictatorial stylists who abuses you, which was a pleasure. So, he just revitalized my desperately-in-need-of-it color, and did one of the quickest blow-dries in history! I loved not having to sit for there for an hour, which is what it usually takes.

A wonderful bonus is the fabulous roof patio, just a few steps up from the salon. While your color is setting, or if you’re waiting for any reason, to go up there and chill is almost as special as Paul makes your hair look! While you’re re-vitalizing your outside, you may as well take care of your inside. It’s an oasis in the middle of Beverly Hills and Century City. I got vitamin D, while I strolled for a tad of exercise, and thought deep thoughts.

Amazing how much thinking you can get done, with clarity, when you’re in the quiet above the city. I left with my soul as refreshed as my shining hair!

Paul Ohana Salon 323-228-6999

The other Sonya newbie is Shirley Yehuda, an adorable brow artist. Her own brows are fabulous, so you can have confidence that she knows what she’s doing. I often wonder how clients can trust their beauty to technicians who don’t look the part. If someone can’t make herself look good, be it hair, nails, skin, whatever, how are they supposed to make us look good?

Thankfully, Shirley made mine look as good as her own, making me feel comfortable all the way. I love that she did a combination of tweezing, threading, and tint, rather the over-used waxing. Several doctors have told me over the years that girls are foolish to wax–it makes your under-brow skin droop over your eyes years earlier than it would happen naturally. And with experts like Shirley, there’s no need to wax.

I left there looking rejuvenated and feeling that way, too. The whole experience was a great welcome-back-to-L.A. for me, after a hard-living couple of weeks in New York!

Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic   9975 S. Santa Monica Blvd.   BH   310-553-7344















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