And you thought it was just the beginning of a new month. Silly readers.

To me, every day is National Nail Polish Day! I’ve been obsessed with every aspect of manicures since I was about twelve. Growing up, I even detailed my daily nail grooming in just about every diary entry. (I’m not exaggerating—I brought those teen-age diaries back with me from Brooklyn a few years ago, and had so much fun reading them. They’re really fascinating, on all levels. I mean it. I’m even thinking of publishing them some day! They may just hold the keys as to why I’m so nutty.)

The mess I made while creating my Easter nails! Photo by Karen Salkin.

The mess I made while creating my Easter nails! Photo by Karen Salkin.

Even though I’m sure that many of you think of me as pampered, I assure you that that assessment is totally wrong. Especially when it comes to nails. I’ve been doing my own manis and pedis forever! No lie. I very occasionally get a professional one, but I rarely have the time. I just do my own while I’m watching TV, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

I’m happy to say that I’m the proud owner of several hundred polishes, and I’m not exaggerating, even a little bit. Just ask Mr. X, who’s less than thrilled with that situation.

And I adore most of them. I also have all the tools of the trade, and many nail treatment products. My friends always tell me I should open a nail salon, but a) I enjoy doing only my own, and 2) I’m already too time-constrained, remember?

Karen Salkin's 2017 easter nails. Photo by Mr. X.

Karen Salkin’s 2017 Easter nails. Photo by Mr. X.

But when I have some time around any special holiday, I even do my own nail art! Of course, it’s far from as gorgeous as what the pros are capable of, but I’m always proud of my efforts. My Easter nails, where I paint each one differently, as individual Easter e-words, are my pièces de résistance, but I once even made them into matzahs! (For Passover, of course. But, luckily for you guys, I can’t find those pix, because that was far from my shining moment.)

So, to celebrate National Nail Polish Day, guess what I’m going to do right now? Polish my nails, of course! (It’s actually what I was just about to do, anyway, when I found-out about this special day, and had to put that activity on hold while I wrote this column!)

I really do love so many different brands of polish, but here are just a very few of my current faves for this summer (minus the treatments I love—let them get their own day! This one is for polishes only!):

SpaRitual’s Inhale Collection—I have never received so many compliments on my nail polish than I have when I wear Harmony, a creamy light pink. But I’m a bit more partial to Renewal because it’s so subtle, (while being a tad sparkly,) which is perfect for swimming; if you get a chip or two, no one will notice. And this line is the easiest to put on—there’s no need for a base coat nor a top one! Just two coats of the polish and bing, bang, boom—you’re done!

Artistic Nail Design’s Colour Revolution Baywatch Collection—Right now, I have their Little Red Suit (which is an orangey-red, as opposed to a winter weather one) on my toes, but I also love the purple Baes of the Bay. You can’t go wrong with either for a bright color right now.

Butter London’s Patent Shine in Pink Knickers—This shade is very pretty and classy, even if it’s not as shiny as the name would indicate. But there’s just something about the bottles from this company, (and even the name and packaging!,) that makes you feel like you’re in with the in crowd when you use it!

Mixify Beauty—When no commercial colors are hitting you right, you can always mix up your very own polish shade with this DIY kit! It’s always the most fun to do on a Girl’s Night In, but if you’re a less-sharing type, (which I sometimes am,) just break out the kit when you’re alone, and make like Dexter’s Laboratory to come up with your own signature color.

Karen Salkin's very basic 2017 St. Patrick's Day nails. (But notice that the ring fingers are a different shade of green, and sparkly, too.) Photo by Mr. X.

Karen Salkin’s very basic 2017 St. Patrick’s Day nails. (But notice that the ring fingers are a different shade of green, and sparkly, too.) Photo by Mr. X.

Let me leave you with this one perfect tip for nail polishing. If you get a few little chips, but don’t have time to re-do the whole thing before your hands are going to be seen, just do one quick sparkly topcoat. The sparkles disguise the chips, and give your polish a new lease on life for a few more days. You can thank me later. (Yes, it’s not great fun to remove sparkly polish from nails, but just remember to do just one light coat, and it’s really no problem to remove.)

That’s it for now. I hope that you all enjoy National Nail Polish Day as much as I will! Polish away!!!



  1. Karen Salkin on

    It’s just a style that has been around for a few years. I don’t do it that much anymore, just every now and then.

    Thanks for asking! I always love to answer mani questions!


  2. Who would have thought that nail polish has its own personal holiday. Amazing. Is not it? I learned a lot for myself in this post.

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