As we all know by now, my beauty regimens have taken more than a backseat to my health issues this summer; my skincare has actually been hanging out the caboose! (Not my caboose; I mean the caboose of a vehicle being further back than a backseat.) Since I can’t use my hands to do much work on my face, let’s just say I’ve been looking less than sparkling.

So, when I was invited to a pre-holiday party at the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills, I jumped at the chance. Sonya works wonders on many celebs and other people I know, so I figured it was time to trust her system with my recently-less-than-fabulous visage.

The hallway outside the treatment rooms. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The hallway outside the treatment rooms. Photo by Karen Salkin.

This was an all day event, so we got to choose the appointments that were most convenient for us. As we stepped off the elevator into her spacious third-floor salon, we were greeted by her adorable daughter and marketing director, Mimi Dakar Berry, who was happy to give newcomers the grand tour of the space. But since this was not my first time at this particular rodeo, I got right down to beauty. Well, right after I scarfed down one of the delicious, and healthful, fruit smoothies made with Sonya Dakar Ultima Power protein powder.

Then I moved on to a nail polish change, courtesy of nail tech Larisa Leynova. It was such a pleasure to see my poor surgeried-out hands looking as close to their old glamourous selves as possible, adorned with super-shiny polish from the new line wHet. (Yes, that is the way they write their name.)

The goodie bags. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The goodie bags. Photo by Karen Salkin.

And then, I got what I came for—one of their new facial treatments called the Holiday Detox Facial.  What I loved most is that aesthetician Eti Elison didn’t even abuse me for how rugged my skin must have been after over three months of neglect!!! She actually complimented it! That’s sure a welcome relief from other skin care services I’ve had! Using products from Sonya’s Detox line, she worked wonders in just a quickie twenty minute facial. Just imagine what she could do in the full time!!! (A guy friend who’s seen me through many of my recent dark days saw me four days after this facial, and he told me that I looked like I did when I was first doing my TV show, which was way back in the day!!! I should bathe in these products!)

Speaking of the products, we each left with a goodie bag of samples of a few of the ones that were used in our facials, so I can keep my new youthful look going for a bit longer. My hands may look weird for another while, but at least my face is coming back! And just in time for the holidays, which was the point of this fete to begin with!



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