As several people had pointed-out to me, my usually luxurious locks were looking a tad tired recently. I had about five different colors running through it, and the length was fast approaching Crystal Gayle territory! I love having such long, thick tresses, especially when so many ladies tell me that their hair just doesn’t even grow anymore, (a mix of environment and age, I believe,) but enough was enough.

Karen Salkin's before pic.  Photo by Noelle Hannibal.

Karen Salkin’s before pic. Photo by Noelle Hannibal.

Karen Salkin's after pic!  Photo by Mr. X.

Karen Salkin’s after pic! Photo by Mr. X.

So when someone, whose opinion on these things I trust, suggested that I pay a visit to the Marco Pelusi Salon in West Hollywood, they didn’t have to say it twice. I was headed to my high school reunion in New York a week later, so the timing of the recommendation was just perfect!

I had heard of Marco for the past dozen years or so, so I was happy to finally meet him. He’s a color specialist, which is exactly what I needed right about then. I have to confess that I had had my own secret formula for years—a company made almost my exact natural auburn hair color, so, like Lucille Ball before me, I had bought a ton of it. But when I finally ran out and called the company for more, they gave me the awful news that they no longer make that shade!!!

Part of the salon. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Part of the salon. Photo by Karen Salkin.

I lucked-out with Marco on that front–he was totally sensitive to my predicament. He gave me the time to discuss my desires before mixing-up just the right color to correct all my attempts at finding one for myself. (I had tried-out different colors over the past several months, so my hair was a subtle different shade every few inches!) As we people who color our hair all know, many colorists don’t care about our desires in this area at all, thinking they know better than the client! So I appreciate that Marco listens. What a breath of fresh air that is.

And here’s another refreshing surprise—he didn’t want to dish with me! He’s all business about beauty; he’s not there to either dole-out or hear idle gossip. (Not that I wanted to give him any; I’m just saying’.) So even celebs can feel confident going to him, knowing their privacy will always be respected.

So, with my sad hair color refreshed so perfectly, we moved on to a trim. I asked Marco to cut just two inches, expecting him to really cut four, because that’s what every hair person has ever done to me. But guess what? Marco listened to me on this issue, as well! This is a man who appreciates long hair, let me tell you! He trimmed off the minimum, while still getting rid of all the damage. I came out of his salon looking like a new woman! Or at least one with good hair again.

Karen Salkin (and her new hair 'do) with Marco Pelosi, the hair artiste responsible for it all. Photo by Vicky.

Karen Salkin (and her new hair ‘do) with Marco Pelusi, the hair artiste responsible for it all. Photo by Victoria Marie.

And the Marco Pelusi Salon personnel are equally nice. Ashlee from New Zealand amiably greeted me, (and encouraged me to snack on several pieces of Halloween candy that they offer in several places around the salon,) while Vicky not only did a thorough shampoo for me, but also did the finishing touches with the flat-iron.  The whole experience was actually the opposite of most of the snooty salons in this area that I’ve visited over the years. I love places like this that make you feel comfortable!

But wait—what were the reactions to my new ’do?  Well, Mr. X saw it first, and loooved it! He kept commenting on how nice and shiny it looked all day. He actually said, “It looks like a Pantene ad.” That, as you may know, is the best compliment a head of hair can receive! And even in New York in the next few days, strangers noticed on it. It was amazing to me that in that crazy busy city, with so much sensory input on a minute-to-minute basis, my refreshed locks commanded that much attention.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Some of Marco Pelusi’s products, displayed before Halloween, of course!  (Note the cute decorations.) Photo by Karen Salkin.

So, to keep that look going, I left the salon with some of Marco’s eponymous products. The Rosemary Mint Shampoo features a low pH, which Marco told me is better for the hair and the color. Then I got both conditioners—the French lavender-scented Hydrate, which is a rinse-out conditioner that helps keep the color fresh, and his signature leave-in conditioner, to help with…everything!

So now you know all my new hair secrets. And we can all thank Marco Pelusi for that!

Marco Pelusi Salon  636 N Robertson Blvd.  West Hollywood  310-967-0999


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