Byu-ti Salon just opened a second shop in Brentwood last week, and I was happy to be included in their two-day VIP event. I’ll tell you more about the new place, and their services, (like color, brows, and whatever else they offer,) if I ever have time to do a full beauty day there, like I did at their original Santa Monica location a couple of years ago, (which you can read here, if you’re interested: ) But for now, I’ll give you the quick run-down of their preview event.

First of all, I was impressed by the super-organized way it was done, especially with the very-far-along pregnancy of the classy owner, Natasha Sunshine. She’s so un-crabby!!!

She spent time with each one of, as did her lovely PR person out of New York. We even got to chat with Natasha’s husband, Dario Antonioni, who designed both salons. (How’s that for a power couple?)

They had a perfect spread of healthful snacks to keep up our strength as we got beautiful. And let’s not forget the delicious bellinis! Perhaps they just read my mini review of that very same beverage at Cipriani in New York and it inspired them! (Actually, I know for a fact that some of them did read it, but I don’t know if that was before or after they planned their opening day refreshments. Kudos to them, either way.)

I was lucky enough to be assigned to hair stylist Mindy Rodriguez, who has great hair herself. (She actually has a whole great look—she looks like the cute, intelligent girl that the we all know is the best choice for the lead guy in romantic comedies, and he realizes it at the end, too.)

Bangs are always my main concern with haircuts, and as soon as Mindy started talking to me about bangs, I knew she got it, and I could trust her, which is hard after my last three fringe debacles. And, she’s also one of the very few to know that you have to blow bangs first, not last!

Karen's newly-cut hair.

Seriously, this was the second best haircut I’ve ever gotten in my whole life! (The best was from the secret “stylist to the stars” when my acting career was just starting to take off; he charged $1,500 for a haircut! So, to be next-in-line to him is the best compliment I can give anyone in the tresses department.) She’s actually the first person to really listen to me about not cutting much off and rather just shaping it. And Mr. X loved it, so that means the most.

The generosity continued even on our way out. We received beauty-oriented goodie bags, and good news for my readers: Natasha said to tell you that, if you mention that you read it here, (at ItsNotAboutMe.TV, in case you don’t know what your reading!,) and you’re a first-time client to that location, they’ll give you a free conditioning treatment and blow-dry until June 1st, no purchase necessary. (Shampoo, too, of course.) Just say Karen Salkin sent you, and they’ll hook you up. (Don’t forget to leave a tip, though.) I just hope you get Mindy!!!

11740 San Vicente Blvd.  Brentwood  888-992-9884


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