There are a lot of wonderful places in Los Angeles where one can get upscale beauty services. But I guarantee that there are none with more pleasant personnel than the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge! And that’s what really counts to me.

Outside, looking into the party.  Photo by Alice Farinas.

Outside, looking into the party. Photo by Alice Farinas.

I paid a visit there recently, and they treated me like a queen. (Perhaps more accurately, like the princess that I am!) And none of it was phony. Owner Vida Emanuel has chosen her all-female staff very wisely. These ladies greeted me like an old friend, and kept asking me (and the other clients who were there that day,) if we need anything, or if there was anything else they can do for us.

But let me start at the beginning. Last week, I attended the Grand Opening of Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge, which is an offshoot of the Vida Emmanuel Day Spa next door. The place itself is absolutely stunning, and all the details of the party were just right, down to the gorgeous, matching, rhinestone-studded outfits all the employees were rocking!

The food, catered by Chic Bites, was as delicious as it was colorful and beautiful, and even the servers were kind and caring!

The party buffet.   Photo by Alice Farinas.

The party buffet. Photo by Alice Farinas.

The party went on for several hours, and after we mingled and explored the space, we each left with a gift bag containing several samples of some of their top beauty products.

My interest was piqued, so I went back a couple of days later to try one of their new treatments. A fellow guest at a recent party at The Palm had mentioned Beauty Lounge’s “Foot Facial,” so that was definitely my choice. [Note: the salon had actually been open for business for a few months before the official “Grand Opening.”] I began walking barefoot as a teen, so my tootsies, though petite, are always in need of much smoother heels. Very much smoother heels!

I opted for the poshest, most deluxe service on the menu, the “24-Karat Gold Red Carpet Foot Facial” pedicure,” which included “Celebrity Treatment.” That meant that during my pedi, I was served a glass of champagne, on a tray that also carried my choice of hot teas, crunchy thin cookies, chocolate truffles (my favorites!,) fresh berries, and alkaline mineral water. A girl could get used to that treatment! (Sophia even offered to have food delivered for me, since I was there on my lunch break.)

My tray of treats. Photo by Karen Salkin.

My tray of treats. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The atmosphere in there is so lovely and peaceful, no matter which treatment you choose. And there are none of the usual horrible fragrances that permeate most salons. (I’m using the catch-all word “salon” to describe the Beauty Lounge, but that’s not really the correct term for a place like this. “Sanctuary,” “haven,” and “escape,” are more apt descriptions.)

Every single female who works there was upbeat and uber-pleasant to me, and did her best to make me comfortable and happy. Kristine Egiyan greeted me and put me right at ease, Sophia Norikoff waited on me hand and foot, and Diane (which is pronouncedd the Brazilian way—dee-ahn-ee) Yakimovicz is the one who performed my actual pedicure.

She explained every step, (and trust me—there were many, beginning with the soak in an herbal mineral bath that contains essential oils and energy stones for healing,) including showing me the high-end brands they use for each. (Everything is available all over the the boutique, especially up-front, where the products are so beautifully displayed. This place is a girly-girl’s dream! I felt like I was in a Willy Wonka Beauty Factory!) But if you’d rather just close your eyes and relax for the hour and a half, in the big easy chair you sit in for all nail services, complete with multiple plush pillows, just let her know.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 5.34.10 PMThe luxury procedure was exactly what I needed. I’ve never had anything like it before. There are about nine luxurious steps before the actual trimming and painting of the toenails. My favorite was the exfoliation and buffing; it’s been four days, and my previously extremely rough heels are still hanging in there!

The most decadent action was the last–the 24-Karat Gold Serum that’s massaged into the feet and legs! You might have to insure them before you leave there!

I was so comfortable in Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge that I wanted to stay overnight! But, since that was just not possible, (although I feel like Sophia would have made that work-out for me, as well!,) I checked into their other services for my next trip there. I found-out that they also do gel manicures, nail art, all kinds of interesting facials, (including lunchtime peels,) and even hair cuts! I can’t wait to go back, especially to see my New Best Friends.

9410 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills 310-246-1500


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