Just a quick note to let you all know what’s been happening this month over here at INAM.

Depositphotos_10105541_l-2015-1024x487Because the site was down for about a week, many of you have been emailing to ask where this e-zine went. I’m in awe of all the thoughtfulness.

But never fear—all is okay now.

We were hacked a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue. (I guess the hackers confused us with a major mag! I’ve seen some very erroneous estimations of my net worth on the internet, and I guess people who don’t know me believed them. But I can guarantee those statements were off by several zeroes! Sadly for me.)

So INAM was reduced to what techies refer to as “the white page of death!” As both luddites and technophiles can well imagine, I was sick over it!

What I imagine hackers look like.

What I imagine hackers look like.

But thanks to my web developer, Lou, and Ty over at my web hosting site, (not to mention Mr. X for funding it all!,) we finally got it back up and running, just about as good as new.

The only real casualties, (besides my hair falling out from the stress–seriously,) were the last two months of comments on my various articles. They were all lost. I welcome every comment my loyal readers make, and believe me—I haven’t taken the loss of them lightly.

So, if you’re one of the people who posted one, and have the time and inclination, I’d love for you to please re-post a version of what you wrote, if you can remember your sentiments.

And if you haven’t ever commented before, this would be a lovely time to begin! We’ve brought the entire site back up to speed, so having the comments refreshed would be very welcome, as well.

wf_120314_LastWord_Comments680x300To start the ball rolling, as soon as INAM came back on-line, this was the very first new “comment” we received, (which I absolutely adore, of course,) that someone posted on my About page: celebpie.com/karen-salkin-comedian-wikipedia-bio-husband-and-net-worth. Even though there’s a tiny bit of erroneous info on there, I thought it would be fun to share after the bleak experience of being hacked.

And now, onward and upward! There are many fun columns coming up on here. (After the Olympics, of course.)

And as always, thank you so much for reading this e-zine. I appreciate each and every one of you!


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  1. Sorry that you’ve been going through that horror. I’ve been there, too.

    I’ve left a couple of messages on this board recently, but I can’t remember my words. I know that I loved your in-depth review of the movie about Bakelite, though.

    Please don’t let this episiode discourage you. ItsNotAboutMe.TV is my favorite thing to read on the internet!

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