So, I must ask you guys to do a small something for me. It seems that my Twitter account was recently hacked, which made my number of followers go down from about 15K to a bit more than 5K! (Yes, I know—those darn Russians!)

The "Karencature" that heralds all of Karen Salkin's social media platforms.  Taken from original art for Karen's Restaurant Revue by artist Alfonso Jaramillo.

The “Karencature” that heralds all of Karen Salkin’s social media platforms. Taken from original art for Karen’s Restaurant Revue by artist Alfonso Jaramillo.

Since my web guy and I, of course, cannot figure out how to fix that situation, (because we don’t know the identities of my previous thousands of followers, so we can’t contact them to help remedy it,) I have to ask my readers to help me out here.

I know that many of you already follow me across my social media platforms, which I really appreciate, but if not, I’m requesting that you please do it now. Pretty please? (And, if you think you already do, please check because you might be one of the ones who was deleted in the hack.)

And, since I’m never just a taker, as a thank you to everyone who does this for me, once the numbers get back up there, I’ll be doing give-aways on my platform with the most traffic, which only those followers of mine can win!

Twitter is the most important bit of social media to me, and the one I think all of you will like best, because, in addition to tweeting out the links to my week-daily columns there, that’s where I post all of my auxiliary comments, especially about sports, fashion, TV, celebrities, and award shows, which I usually live-tweet.

Part of Karen Salkin's very eclectic Instagram account.

Part of Karen Salkin’s very eclectic Instagram account.

But I promise that I won’t inundate you on any of my social media sites. On Instagram and Facebook, I just also post the links to my columns, and that’s pretty much it on those two. I know that many people use Insta as their main platform, but they don’t have an e-zine, as I do right here, so they have to post their thoughts there. And most are way better photographers than I am, which is good for them because IG is mainly a photo site.

So, if you do decide to follow me on any (and I hope, all,) of them, you don’t have to worry about my stuff taking up all your time. My posts will be merely a quick happy (and hopefully, amusing) note in your day.

A capture still from one of Karen Salkin's YouTube videos.  What was she saying that horrified her so?!

A capture still from one of Karen Salkin’s YouTube videos. What was she saying that horrified her so?!

Plus, that will actually make reading INAM easier for you, because you don’t have to remember to click on here yourself—you’ll most likely see the daily reminders on social media!

And, let’s face it, many of you are obsessed with getting notices on your devices, anyway, so it should be fun to add one more person to your mix.

Thanks so much for doing it! And, while you’re at it, you may want to check-out my very few YouTube Videos! I’ve done them for the many fans of my former TV show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue, who keep asking me to resurrect KRR somehow, and then I realized that I don’t even know how to get the info out there to them! So, I really hope this will do it. (And if you’d like a preview before subscribing, here’s the link to my Casting Couch tale: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYKn2_EWaJM&t=8s.)

Here’s all the info you’ll need to follow me, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart in advance!

Twitter: @MajorCelebrity
Instagram: majorcelebrity
Facebook Fan Page: It’s Not About Me TV
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCF7mwI2jwcB2xB9dBCBxLZg.]


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  1. Thanks to all of you who have either started following me on Twtter this week or have re-upped, in case you were one of the ones who were deleted in the hack. I really appreicate it! Fun things are coming your way!


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