Sometimes in this space, for the penultimate column of the year, I share my personal highlights of the past twelve months, or enumerate other things and instances for which I’m grateful, or post my final Celeb Sightings of the year. But this year, I just can’t find the time for a long article like that. So I was in a quandary as to what to write here today.

More than a hint!

More than a hint!

And then this much shorter idea just occurred to me—this is the perfect time to do a preview of…my January 14th birthday! I’ve never done that before!

Because January 14th comes so closely behind the end-of-year holidays, unless I’m throwing myself a major soiree, my birthday often gets overlooked by, well, everyone! There are several bad dates for birthdays throughout the year, (with December 25th surely being the worst!,) and, unfortunately for me, anything in the first half of January is among them.

So that no one will miss it in just two and a half weeks, I’m here to remind you that my b-day will be here before you know it! (And I’ll know just which pals are loyal readers of ItsNotAboutMe.TV by whether or not they remember to wish me Happy Birthday this year.)

January 14th is on a Saturday in 2023, so I know I should finally have a real party again. And it will be really depressing that I’m not doing that. But I just can’t hold a super-spreader event. (When will all these horrible health situations end???)

Subtle hint.

Subtle hint.

So, this is how I’m considering celebrating this year–a birthday house organizing day, aided by my best friends. With lots of food and drink, of course! Great idea, right? (You can let me know what you think of this idea—yay or nay—in the Comments section below.)

By the way–I love the number “18” because it means “life” in Hebrew, so that this is article #2,318 in this e-zine helped me know that today is the right time for my first b-day preview.

And that’s it! So I hope you’ve all marked it down now. I’ll let you know an easy and no-expense way to help me celebrate that week. And here’s a hint: it involves following me on all my social media platforms. (So you can actually get started right now!)

Happy Almost-Birthday to me!



  1. Hi Karen.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been reading your stuff for years, so I’m happy to wihs you an early Happy Birthday. What are you wihsinf for this year?

    Your loyal reader, Rachel Brown

  2. Just read this. Wishing u a very Happy Birthday ahead of time, just so you know at least one reader will be thinking of you on the 14th. ;)

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