As many of you know, my mentality, and often way of living, too, are of the college variety. That’s why I tell all kids that they must go to college or they’ll be missing out on a major life experience. Yes, I think it totally helps in life to get a higher education than high school affords. But college is even more for the life lessons, to me.

So, in the middle of my college life, I decided that it’s about time I took a Spring Break! (Well, in my case, it’s more of a spring cleaning break, but those deets will be shared down the road a piece.)

I always feel that I’ll disappoint someone if I don’t have a new column every week-day of the year, but for many reasons, I need a little break from writing for a few days.

So I’m just going to take the rest of this week off. But I’ll be back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a week from today.

So please remember to check back then, and if you feel you need a Karen fix in the next four days, you can always check out my archives, to the left. I can just about guarantee you that no one, including even Mr. X, or some of my most ardent readers, including Kayroll and Curtis, (two people who I notice are bright and kind enough to leave comments often,) have read every single one of my posts over the four and a half years of INAM’s existence. (But please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, in the Comments section below. I’m talking to you, Mr. X!)

So, no matter how you spend this week without me, I hope you have a great one. And if it’s your real spring break, please be safe, and remember to always be careful.

I’ll meet you back here next Monday. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of new stories to share, both good and, I’m sad to say, a few horror ones. Or maybe I’ll just save those for May.



  1. Karen, enjoy your week off – you deserve it! Looking forward to your new columns and, especially, more NY stories! Hope most of them are of the good kind and not the bad.

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