I hope that all of you Twitter aficionados have been following me for the past two and a half years @KarenSalkin, but we just changed my “handle” the other day.

Ready for the new one? It’s now @MajorCelebrity, of course!!!

Mr. X always thought that’s what it should be to begin with; he’s the one who invented it, way back in the day.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 2.43.58 PMHere’s the quick story behind the moniker: I had been doing my show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue, to great early success, and we got invited to NATPE, the cable television convention. I had an executive at Merv Griffin Productions advising me and he said I needed business cards to hand out there.

So, being the nescients that we were back then, we went to a business card shop, and had the clerk direct us what to do, step-by-step.  When we got to the part where I had to put my job title under my name, I was stumped. I couldn’t decide between “host,” “hostess,” “star” ( of the show, ) and “producer.” So, I asked Mr. X what it should be, and he answered, “Just have it say what you really are.” So I queried, “Hostess?” And he answered, “No, what you really are…a major celebrity!” The card guy and I were hysterical. When he stopped laughing, he asked what we really wanted in that spot. He was shocked when we told him that we were really going with “Major Celebrity.”

It became a sort-of test to see which individuals were aware ones. If they chuckled when I handed them my card, we knew they were bright enough to even read it to begin with, and that they had a sense of humor.

Since that long ago day, people often refer to me as “Major Celebrity,” so I’ve gotten used to it.

But the day we were first making my Twitter account back in 2011, we had a humorless person doing it. (She’s the one who, years ago, when she read a gossip column piece where I had told a reporter that food at a party was good but I had “chipped a nail on the roast beef,” didn’t laugh and very blandly asked, “How did you chip a nail on roast beef?”)

So, we just let her do her thing and agreed to go with my name, rather than something clever. We planned to change it later, but that plan just got pushed further down my to-do list.

But now, with the help of my intern Stephanie, who lives for social media, we are back on track.

All this just to explain why my new Twitter name, so you don’t think I’m just obnoxious.

So, please start checking out @MajorCelebrity, or better yet, become a follower!


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