Because I’ve been unable to use my hands a lot for the past ten months, (but they’re getting much better now, knock on wood,) I had shaved my legs only once since early July. I couldn’t use my hands until November, and it was almost with great joy that I shaved them again that day.

shaving-legs-2It was still pretty much of an ordeal for my messed-up hands, and since it’s winter, I figured I could get away without doing it for another few months. Then a kind friend invited me out for a post-Christmas dinner, and we decided to shop a sale or two before, since I haven’t even done that in almost a year! So in the shower that morning, I realized, darn–I have to shave the legs again! (Not for the dinner, of course; for the shopping aspect of the evening! We were planning on going to just classy department stores, which means I’d be in my own room and no one would see the legs, shaved or otherwise, but a shopping girl should always be prepared for every eventuality. And we don’t know which dressing rooms have cameras nowadays! Or anyplace else for that matter.)

By the way–of course I know that I could have gone someplace to have my legs waxed during my hand ordeal, but I didn’t do it for two reasons. One is that poor Mr. X was driving me all over town every day—to doctors appointments, hand therapists, all kinds of health tests, surgery, you name it. So the last thing he needed to do was drive me out to get my legs waxed! The other reason is that getting legs waxed is killer pain, and the last thing I’ve needed for these past seven months is more pain.

So while I was in the shower shaving those babies, I thought of this list of the only reasons to ever shave them:

1) New boyfriend

2) Summer

3) Drag queen

4) Pool party

5) Shopping

6) Even if it’s not summer, if your legs are going to show

7) If twenty or more people are going to see your bare legs

Wow, that’s perhaps the shortest list I’ve ever written! If you can think of any others, please share them in the Comments section below.


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