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I hope these come in handy, not just for the holidays, but for all occasions.


When I was in NY over the summer, some pals who knew of my quest to get into Yankee Stadium before its demise, which wasn’t looking likely for me, sent me one of the best presents ever–a DVD gift basket that included DVDs of “Yankee Stadium, Baseball’s Cathedral” and “When It Was A Game” Volumes I, II, and III, along with tons of candy, a disposable camera, and even seeds to grow grass for my very own stadium!

I’ve since checked into, and they have DVDs for every occasion. They even carry my latest film, “Brothers In Arms,” but please don’t request that one unless you have a high boredom threshold.

The wonderful staff can put together any kind of basket you can think of, and even ones you can’t. This makes such a perfect holiday gift for acquaintances and loved ones alike. People will be elated to receive something so original and creative that you’ll forever be known as the supreme gift-giver. Just tell the folks at what genre you’re looking for, and they’ll take it from there.

And if “Brothers In Arms” goes flying off the shelves, they’ll know that some masochists have read this column! 877-218-4438


I found this one at a GBK gifting suite. When I entered the building, the first thing I noticed was a woman carrying the most gorgeous pet carrier I’ve ever seen! I forgot that I was at a gifting event and ran up to her to find out where she had bought it. She said that she had gotten it there!!! Lucky me!

I wound-up getting side-tracked on another level of the event, but have since become the proud owner of one myself. My precious Clarence, the Singing Toy Poodle, appeared on my show in it.

He had missed the previous taping due to dental work, (that sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it?) so I wanted him to return like a king. Which he did, in his House of Dog Pet Carrier. We both love it. Now I try to think of places to take him, just because I want to be seen with the bag! I’m thinking of getting a stuffed animal to put in it so I can let poor Clarence stay home and chill, while I’m seen stylin’ ’round town.


I usually feature more obscure gift ideas, but there’s one traditional one I must suggest, that has a new twist.
I always remember when I first heard about Godiva Chocolates, back in the day. It was the most special chocolate you could get. If someone even gave you one of those 2-pioce boxes, you were in heaven.

Boy, has this line expanded! They come up with more products all the time, and are much more accessible, I’m happy to say. My Brooklyn friend, Carol Rampino, even pointed out that they now have a store in the Kings Plaza Mall, and took me right over, on my last visit, to get an iced chocolate drink.

Now they’ve come out with some new pieces for this season’s Holiday Gift Assortment that even she doesn’t know about yet. The flavors, such as Winter Cocoa and Mandarin Snowflake, are absolutely delicious and evoke a fireplace and snow.
They come in several-size boxes, and I guarantee that the recipient of any one of them will feel special.


I’m seeing a trend here–I guess I find my best items at gifting suites! That’s where I met the bubbly Teri Ennis, who started Suds In A Bucket. These organizers had a sense of humor and had her stationed in the bathroom of the suite! That’s because these are bath and body products.

I spent so much time in there with this company that I forgot to take my gift when I left! But I smelled every one and tried out the creams, including some for babies. I was most impressed with all the cute holiday names and “flavors.” It took me a year, but I finally featured them on my show, which is rarely about restaurants anymore, but these do fit in with the foodie theme anyway.

Suds In A Bucket has so much to choose from that I can’t recommend just one product. They all look and smell fabulous. But the holiday line is special–I wouldn’t be surprised if I wind-up ordering some for my own giftees this season! Or maybe just for myself.


And lastly, this is more a gift to yourself–the gift of health. At yet another gifting suite this year, I received a bottle of Viva Herbals Ultimate Green Tea. It’s green tea extract in a dropper bottle.

You put a dropper-ful into hot or cold water, drink it up, and rarely get sick. I’ve seen some friends do it for years, but had never tried it myself before. Now Mr. X and I swear by it. I know it’ll come in handy while I’m on the east coast this month. Doesn’t the combo of airplane germs and snow just cry out for preventative measures?

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  1. Do you think any of these people would be able to donate a gift basket for our upcoming fundraiser in January? We are in DESPERATE NEED of prizes for our raffle. It will be held at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood for their Legendary Bingo Parties on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

    Hope you and your friends can come.

    Great new website by the way! I still love Adam Lambert.


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