I just don’t get it. At all. Kate Upton seems like a nice enough girl in interviews, and she’s always pleasant, but I see tons of better-looking girls her age when I’m just driving down the street in L.A.!

Kate Upton on a runway earlier this year.  Notice the back fat and saggy butt.

Kate Upton on a runway earlier this year. Notice the back fat and saggy butt.

I’ve noticed for several years now that models are not always really good-looking, so her being hired is not news to me. But the fuss surrounding her is. Yes, I’m glad that a heftier female is getting so many modeling gigs, as opposed to the usual string-beans who make clothing look nothing like it does on most people, so I applaud that fact.

But do people really think she’s great-looking??? She’s basically plain, bordering on chubby. She has droopy boobs and neck fat! At twenty-one! She looks like the “before” in a story of a corn girl going to the big city and getting a make-over!

I do know that looks are far from everything about a person, but that’s pretty much the most important factor in modeling. Duh. So, just who is hiring this girl?

It's not just her weight or un-toned body I'm referencing; just look at that 'stache!!! And yellow-ish teeth.

It’s not just her weight or un-toned body I’m referencing; just look at that ‘stache!!! And yellow-ish teeth.

And, seriously, I hate ragging on someone’s looks, (in public anyway; just don’t ask Mr. X what I say in private,) but you know you’re all thinking it, too! Especially if you saw some of those photos this past week-end, from her solo basic shopping trip. (She didn’t look great.)

When I was a teen-age model, (which I did through my twenties, as well,) I even questioned why I got hired so much, with a nose that was far from petite, (even if my 100 lb., 5’6” body was.) I thought models had to be perfect. Now I realize that they don’t anymore, but they at least have to be somewhat “special” in the looks department. And Kate Upton is definitely far from that.

And that’s all I have to say on the topic, really. Who agrees? Or not?



  1. Maybe it’s all the photo-shopping that makes her look perfect in magazines? Also, I have heard from several men that they really prefer “heftier” women! It’s the fashion industry and other women who think they need to be reed-thin.

    • I just don’t get it. She is flat out ugly, fat and sounds like Janice (Chandler’s Girlfriend on Friends). She has no acting ability whatsoever as those stupid game commercials illustrate. As someone who has seen a million sets of boobs, I don’t even want to see those sloppy slammers. Ewww.

      I wouldn’t care except I’m tired of being forced to hear about, read about and watch her on TV commercials. Her presence in that commercial is like nails on a chalkboard to me. She’s in her 20s. Give her another 10 years and she’ll look like she’s 50. Worse. They’ll have to upgrade technology to change.

      Point is…. by her own admission, this “woman” gets paid to look good. So why on earth is she working? She’s the sole reason I have ED sometimes. If I don’t want to do my thing too soon I think of her fat face. What a hag. Poor Verlander. Sagging career and he’s hanging out with that sack of flesh. Lots of it. Yeesh.

    • No. I guatantee the writer is 100x hotter than Kate upton. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Women, when we find another girl attractive, aren’t afraid to say yeah she’s really pretty. Dumbass. But hate to break it to you. Kate Upton is not attractive. Take away her boobs and makeup and you’ve got a chubby boy.

    • It’s not jealousy Ramon. I know this is an old OLD article but I just saw Kate Upton on snap chat 3/1/18 and I was thinking why do people think Kate Upton is so hot and googled it and this article came up.

  2. She has a very pretty face especially with makeup. Her body shape is not as photogenic as many other models. Large breasts, bulky untoned midsection, undefined hips, and untoned thin legs in proportion to her upper body cause her photos her body to look “off” in photos. I have often wondered why she is so well paid for that high level of modeling. She reminds me of a model from the ’70’s before fitness. She could probably look a lot better in the photos if she would tone up a bit.

    Because anyone with a brain and a pulse thinks she’s hot. Anyone who doesn’t is either stupid, jealous or a eunuch.

  4. I don’t know you just seem a little jealous, especially with the added comment about yourself and that you modeled lol..Everyone is beautiful in their own way, plus guys tend to prefer girls with a shape like hers. Hating on someone else’s success is not going to make you any more successful. Why don’t you try using your time more wisely on real world issues like starvation, homelessness, toxic spills in the pacific ocean, and gay rights.. rather than this pointless babbling.

    • Actually it’s women who like her now. The men liked her years ago when she was in better shape. Now her viewership has changed, she said so herself in a magazine interview. Also Huffington post loves her, that’s read by mostly women over 40…It’s crazy that women just assume men like her and then use that to justify her “hotness”. And thinking a women who is only famous because she’s supposed to be hot is not hot does not mean a person’s jealous, it means we’re seriously confused and tired of people forcing their fucked up nonsensical beauty standards on us. Part of it is that she’s super white and connected…

      • Actually im a guy and evey guy i know (which is a LOT) including myself, think that she’s hot asf. And besides, Lily,how tf would you know are you a fucking guy cause if so, why tf did your parent name you lily, anyways do go sayin shiy if you aint got no proof to back it. (Stupid bitch)

        • Hey dumbass just because every little boy you know thinks she’s hot doesn’t mean she is. Every MAN i know thinks she’s hideous. Becuase she really truly is and doesn’t have a place in an industry based on looks. Make her flat chested amd NOONE in the world would find her attractive. Not even you.

      • Maria S Kirby on

        I’m with you. I think she’s hidious. But I’m also a female and can see past the fake. I’m not sure why everyone calls her curvy. Marilyn Monroe is curvy, kate… not so much. I think her figure falls totally flat and when men see her they see boobs… and think sexy. Side note: those “boobs” – if you could call them that- are totally fake. She’s definitely not chubby and i’m completely positive that she has a healthy BMI, however, she needs to tone or something. It’s like she has a 10 year old’s body with implanted boobs. Not attractive whatsoever.

  5. Hi Cheyenne.

    I DO have a shape like hers, including the chest, and that’s why I can be extra-critical about it! That picture could be ME from the back!

    And, as I wrote above, “I even questioned why I got hired so much, with a nose that was far from petite,…” so I’m just stating my opinion on models in general.

    But, as I do with all comments, positvive and negative, I really do thank you for taking the time to do so.


    • My breasts kind of sprouted out to a D right after high school, but they were higher and firmer than Upton’s. I am 45 now, and saw a photo of her nude breasts at age 20 and was ecstatic that they have the same saggyness that mine have. I was considering a lift, but would rather not until they can do a good one without using an implant.
      I do, however, think she needs to workout. Everyone needs to exercise, but models in particular really need to stay firm.

  6. I’m 19 and totally agree that she’s not that hot and so do both of my parents. Just because she has big boobs doesn’t make her hot. I think her looks get overrated because she’s famous, so people of lesser intelligence buy into it and believe it. As far as Sports Illustrated swimsuit models go, I’ll take Christie Brinkley or Kathy Ireland in their prime any day over Upton.

    • Ben Calhoun on

      It isn’t that she has no hips, it is that she has a super high pelvic bone, AND no waist at all, this makes her shaped like a box coupled with a chunky belly and saggy chest, They can make honey boo boo look good with makeup and that is ALL that is going on with Kate here. She is certainly no Kathy Ireland or Denise Richards. Her looks are below average at best.
      Remember that this is coming from a straight guy who is a portrait artist and who thinks the average Model is far too thin. Kate’s looks are NOT deserving of all of the hoopla she is getting for them.

  7. I hate when people confuse observations with jealousy, Kate Upton is a pretty girl with a nice rack, which puts her in the Sports Illustrated category, and she has a seemingly kind personality which puts her into the guest role and sitcom category, maybe, but I think the only point the author is trying to make is that she’s not in the runway category. She definitely doesn’t have balanced proportions but depending on the job that may be a bad thing; but if the job is a runway show, she looks heavy. It’s purely by comparison to the rest of the industry, and yes men do seem prefer women w curves, but the fashion industry doesn’t often pay homage to the “pornstar”-esque look.

    • Hi Cigna.

      Thanks so much for understanding what I was saying! I really appreciate it! You put it better than I did!


    • Kate upton doesn’t have curves. If she did I would understand. She has no shape. She had the body of a year old boy with saggy boobs.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I understand both sides here. She is heftier and may not be as attractive as most other models. But…… Who the hell cares? She’s successful and she’s clearly made something of herself, why can’t we all just admire that? Instead of dissing or judging her just because she doesn’t look like how models typically look. I just don’t see how that impacts any of us, let her do her thing. In fact, I applaud her for having the guts to model on runways and in sports illustrated knowing that she doesn’t look like other models. She’s still beautiful!

    • I agree with Tony, kate uptown does not look chubby, i don’t believe that is a picture of her from behind, I’ve seen her at a shoot in real life and she definitely doesn’t have a butt like that with cellulite on it , i mean she doesn’t have a huge bubble butt thats perfect but she has a nice perky bottom…and her stomach is flat…great large boobs, and she definitely doesn’t have back fat like that……

      • Hi Markus.

        I thought the same thing, especially after I saw some other pictures of her recently on another site. But, we did get that photo from a source who swears the above picture is indeed Kate. Maybe it was from an earlier time, and her body has changed since then.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!


      • It’s called photoshop. She doesn’t look like that at all in person… definitely has a saggy butt. She’s a plus size model for a reason. If you are a bigger girl you aren’t going to be all toned. Some people need to learn that what they see in magazines and movies is all edited and photoshopped.

      • Every single picture of her has fat. A lot of it. Videos I’ve seen have rolls like this and worse. So yes she is flabby and covered in cellulite.

  9. Lol. Omg. You have such low self esteem and you seriously do not even realize it, do you? Just because you hate yourself doesn’t mean you need to bring everyone else down with you. Kate is hot as fuck. Stop sitting and analyzing how other people look because you feel like shit about yourself. Insecurity is truly the ugliest trait a person can have, and you have it written all over you. You’re just a cruel, ugly, insecure girl.

    • You’re the one who has such a low self esteem you have to insult everyone else…… Everyone can have an opinion. Only ignorant people would say that someone hates themselves because they didn’t agree that someone else is ‘hot as fuck’. If you hate the color blue and I love it, does that mean you hate yourself? Lol, I swear, people are amazing.

      • shes weird looking- why would someone with such a weird body shape and no shape be so famous or considered hot..she isn’t hot at all she’s weird looking. shes probably a tranny too

  10. She would be so much hotter if she had hips. She’s considered curvy, but the only remotely curvy thing about her are the deflated airbags attached to her chest.

  11. Omg! She is not hot by even normal people’s standards. It isn’t jealousy because I like my body n I find other female celebs hot, like Barabara Palvin or Brooklyn Decker or Sofia Vergara, they are the real deal and they have curves that are actually structural like me. Upton looks completely different depending on how much fat she has on her. A lot of fat goes to her torso, but she’s just a D-DD cup at any weight, the large side of avg. actually according to stats. A person’s cup size is a relation of their torso width to their breast volume, so since her whole upper body has gotten a lot bigger (except her untoned arms where she doesn’t store as much fat, and yes she does get back fat! Can’t really have chest fat without general upper body fat!) her breasts are the same cup size at a larger band, unless she wears plus-size bras, which she has modeled before (Wacoal, not because of their range, their designs are plus-size, huge rooted)…she may have a large chest volume, but her body fat percentage is increasingly way off and her boobs are very wide and not at all projected (another fat thing). She would be better balanced body fat % wise and if she got a body volume index reading, if muscle were a factor, but have you seen her on the red carpet and paparazzi pics? She looks flabby and very untoned. I’m all for new healthy models with muscle and a little filler fat to smooth things out (unlike Gisele Bundchen who looks like a man at this point), but Kate Upton is the opposite. If I saw her in the st. I would just think she’s another white girl who doesn’t know how to lose adipose tissue and has thus lost all muscle tissue whatsoever, actually I probably would not notice anything but the fact that she’s tall like me. If a person is weak it will reflect in their ass bc it’s typically the bodies ‘ largest muscle, so hence the flat asses white girl stereotype. There have been many lab experiments. If scientists don’t give rats enough food after inducing overweight or obesity, the rats will die with all their fat tissue intact (because it then works as a pathogenic stealing tissue) and they will have no muscle and shriveled inner organs. But I understand that Upton would have to switch to plus size modeling if she were just a little toned because of “how much” muscle weighs, and she would make less money for sure, but which is better? I personally think she’s a great model and knows her angles so why can’t she actually embrace her body and switch to plus size where she can grow stronger physically…because I understand her appeal to trashy (white) dudes (no ass remember?) who have properly interpreted her embodiment of the “up for anything” attitude, but to any sane girl or self-respecting man, she’s obviously not an ideal of beauty, even tho she could actually be…she has a pretty face, albeit a tiny head…

    • What most people don’t seem to get is that she has a Really strange Pelvic bone.
      It is Super long, (super high) and coupled with her chunky mid rift and over all kind of flabby appearance it just makes her look like a kind of rounded edge …Box! she doesn’t have any kind of good shape at all. Kind of ugly and gross really.
      I’ll take Christy Brinkly over her Any day and in fact Janine Garofalo looks a damned sight better than Kate too.

  12. You sound jealous lol. But I went to highschool with her had 1 class with her, and never thought she was that good looking. But her family is very rich and had contacts in Hollywood and the industry that’s how she got her start. Im thinking that’s how she is keeping her career going also. She was nice enough in highschool and very shy so I don’t like to hate on her.

    • Umm excuse me, r u assuming I’m not way hotter than Kate Upton…and jealous of what, her status? I don’t like when people try to shove unattractive beauty standards dwn womens’ throats, that’s why I hate on her. Plus, she knows she’s unhealthy. But yeah, the wealth thing doesn’t surprise me, it’s kinda classist/racist, her general image…

          • Did I mention that her main fanbase is women, esp over 35? Not men actually…even she’s surprised, thr was an interview…

          • Collins did Kate Upton like push you down stairs or something at some point in your life? You seem to really dislike her. I think she’s beautiful and I am a sane white girl with loads of guy friends (20 somethings) who think that she’s hot too….and no they aren’t “trashy” white dudes (from the midwest or something? i don’t even know) either….we are from LI and NYC lollll

            I sense some insecurity. Are you one of those people who think about weight and your own physical appearance every second of everyday? You need to hate on Kate Upton because you firmly believe that being board thin and having skeleton arms and legs is the only beauty there is? That’s nothing to aspire to. It’s sad that society has created this atmosphere where it’s the norm for women to critique and tear apart other women based on appearance while dissecting every aspect of their look. If you really are one of those people who wake up and have every thought and action dictated by self body image and perception I hope you find a way to stop giving a fuck in order to live your life.

          • Sam: I don’t actually know her. I just don’t like what she represents. And she DOES have skeleton arms n legs. All her fat unhealthily goes to her torso. Maybe you’re attracted to that. But for healthy reproduction, it’s supposed to sit below the waist…she’s not healthy btw. I guess you like the atrophied flat ass look

  13. But I got to admit some of these comments are funny. Im surprised she was never a cheerleader for our football team. Them again she wasn’t popular in highschool so go figure… She always hung out with the weirder kids lol.

  14. I agree, she’s a flabby slut, if she didn’t want to be criticized about her weight she shouldn’t flaunt it like she’s the hottest thing on the planet, especially now that her nudes came out (not that she wasn’t pretty much nude in most of her other pics) and she’s not photoshopped in the leaked pics and weeeell . . . . Fat fatty fat fat

  15. At least she doesn’t resemble the stereo typical string bean model physique. She’s not the prettiest but I think that’s what makes her so popular.

  16. I think it’s the fact that her girl-next-door + one-of-the-guys personality really shines in her modeling.
    She has amazing facial features (every girl has flaws without make-up!)
    Her body is not classic runway model/sickly thin (I’m thinking of Kate Moss) and it really appeals to men; only teen boys think every girl should look like an airbrushed centerfold.
    That sweet and fun personality with that shapely yet more normal bod = Kate all day, every day!!
    Just my opinion and preference.

  17. She is not the least bit attractive. The ONLY thing going for her is large boobs. No hips, no a$s, not really even pretty. I never understood how some guys can like potatoes with big breasts. All you guys that think she’s hot must live in some small isolated town with 5 women in it because any city bus in any large city in the U.S. will have 10 women more attractive than her.

  18. I feel the same way! I don’t understand why people defend her to the death even though they’ve never seen her in person, only ever pics of her dressed to the nines by professional stylists with professional makeup and hair and photoshopped. I’m not saying she is ugly or fat, but she is just a normal person like that pretty girl at your grocery store. Fame just gives people this superhuman status by creating people as a brand. I understand she has big boobs and and I love that she is not a traditional size, but many other girls to who are curvy but much more in shape like Devin Brugman on Instagram. I live in LA as well and have seen celebs in person and they have acne and body fat just like everyone else. All I can say is, media really works if it makes people think celebs, including Kate, are any better than pretty people you know in your hometown. And people who see a picture of a girl looking “natural” in a magazine don’t realize they have professional contoured face and body makeup, hair extensions, tans, nails, eyelash extensions, and eyebrow waxes, PLUS photoshop on top of that.

  19. never_wore_zubaz on

    She’s a media creation, much like a boy/girl band. NKOTB’s and Spice Girls’ fan bases reacted similarly rabidly to critique, and it’s not much different with those that have bought in to this whole Kate Upton thing.

    She’s better looking than average, yes, that’s unquestionable. Plus she has huge… tracts of land. But she’s not model material.

    • It’s not unquestionable…. take away her boobs and anyone who thinks she’s a attractive will see her as a 2. Already she’s a regular 7 and a hollywood 2.

  20. For starters,men like her because she looks natural and wholesome.After years of anorexic and plastic looking models,she’s a refreshing change. She’s the girl next door and seems like a lot of fun.

  21. yes shes not hot…she’s weird looking. Her body shape is strange, not like that of a hot woman’s or woman’s. I’m not sure how she got famous or what the deal is. I think shes probably a tranny which is why shes being promoted so much- she has a weird body and her face is masculine. she is chubby and weird…tranny all the way…

  22. You know, originally when I first saw Kate Upton, I thought “wow she’s hot”, but after I looked past the big rack and looked up more pics of her, that idea slowly shifted. If she’s photographed just right from the most flattering angles she looks great but then you start running into pics or film clips taken behind the scene. Pics other than professionally posed photos and you start to see the weird hips, the lack of a defined waist, the flat arse and back fat and the stick like legs. In real life, which high society fashion modeling definitely isn’t, I’d not even make mention of it but you see her being talked about like she’s the hottest model or hottest chick period to ever come down the pike. Because of that I feel quite comfortable criticizing her looks. For those in the posts saying “we shouldn’t be critical of a person’s looks” and such like, and as I said, in the real world I’d agree with you but Kate is being sold to us by the fashion media as a goddess and a goddess she isn’t. I’d still like to play with her boobs though.

  23. she’s hot, a few bad pictures dont mean she isnt. she has nice boobs and a cute face. and really, pointing a stache?? if youre a woman, you would know all women wax…

  24. NatSandoval on

    Honestly how can you call her ”chubby” she weights 64 kg yes , is that chubby?? what the hell no. You are just jealous af that she’s a model and that shehas a bod that every women would love to have. Its better that models weigh at least 60 kg because tbh who likes these anorexic models? no one

    • Karen Salkin on

      Hi Nat.

      I’m envious of a lot of people, but Kate Upton is not one of them. I was recently as chubby as she is, and I didn’t look great, either. But I do agree that she looks better than poor anorexics.

      And thanks for commenting!


    • My boobs are 37 inches, my waist is 27, and my hips and butt are 40. I wouldn’t dream of trading my skinny curves in for her flabby square, and every women I talk to wouldn’t either. She has no shape. Her skin sags boobs, butt, and stomach sag and she has the face of a little mouse. The only thing I would ever think about trading is her eyes, and maybe her height.

      • 1) Going by those measurements, you aren’t skinny.
        2) People find a large variety of body types attractive. I myself am the tiny waist-big hips kind but I do not consider that more attractive than avg waist-avg hips, which is attractive too. It depends on the rest of the person.
        3) Naturally big breasts sag a little. Cos, gravity.
        4) Her face would be considered sexy as well as pretty by most people, so you seem jealous, desperate and insecure (not attractive traits).
        5) You should get a life.

      • Yeah you aren’t skinny. I’m a guy and my waist is only 3 inches bigger than yours. I’m fairly thin but I’m 6’1″ and 160 lbs. Reading all these hateful comments is sickening, I’m glad I’m not a woman, it must be so depressing to know you’re all constantly trash talking each other behind your backs. Stop pointing out everything wrong with her. The fact that she doesn’t look perfect is why people like her, and she looks like someone I would know so she has the girl next door thing going. Plus she has a good personality which is more than a lot of those b1tchy celebs can say. And when you women are insecure it really sticks out like a sore thumb, always criticizing other people’s looks. You’re making it obvious you don’t like how you look so you think you have to beat on other people’s looks. Don’t be jealous because Kate got famous without having a perfect body, looks really don’t get you everything. I know that’s probably news to you but stop thinking looks are everything or you’re in for a rude awakening later in life

        • I agree with Calvin. The female commenters are right that Kate isn’t perfect, she’s just a pretty girl with big boobs. That said, she clearly has a major marketing team behind her and lots of high profile connections. THATS WHY she’s successful.

          Also, we live in the social . media age where people want someone accessible rather than 80s super model goddesses.

          So yes, your observations are true but that’s only a smart part of it.

          Bitching about how someone isn’t that pretty makes you look petty and insecure.

    • Btw, being chubby is awesome, but this depends on where you put on weight. A person can dislike a chubby girl’s body, esp a celeb who makes money off showing that body, without it being a statement for anorexia, bc of the complexity of fat distribution. I like that my fat goes to my butt and thighs and I don’t want her body, so not every woman envies her. Since she does advertise mostly to women, we have a right to say we like or dislike her body representing the clothes co or bras companies we might like to buy from…to be chubby below the waist is a sign of health, as it’s for reproduction, and that doesn’t mean you have to have small boobs, just means they’re not gonna vary a loy with weight fluctuations, but instead only with your cycle or hormones…These comments present a dichotomy btw chubby and skinny, but “chubby” is not a body type, and you can be a low weight but still be chubby, bc it refers to fat and distribution and not overall body mass…saying men like “a girl with meat on her bones” is kinda sexist bc it groups all non skinny women in the same body type…and you can be thick but look completely different from another person of the same weight…the most extreme examples being men and women, who can weigh the same, but have completely diff distributions…and within each sex, there is a range as well.

    • It’s not that she’s fat. A normal person isn’t fat at that weight… I mean, I weigh 65 kg and I’m 5′ 9″. But my body is 34-24-38 and I’ve got a lot of muscle on me. The point is that she only has fat and no muscle… Judging by her body measurements, her body fat percentage is at least 23%, which is very average

  25. If someone considers that Kate Upton is sexy is because you definitely haven’t visited south american countries.

  26. I am happily married and in love with my super sexy husband. But, when I see Kate Upton I question whether I am a lesbian. Kidding, but she is undeniably super beautiful!

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  28. I don’t know why some of you guys think she is ugly. She is freaking hot. Everyone I know and beyond thinks she is hot. Even if she was flat, she would be hot cause it’s not just her body, her face is pretty. If you don’t agree with the majority, you have broken eyes. I have this 1 cousin and she is pretty, but she has crushes on the ugliest dudes. I don’t get it…we went through the ranking if popular hot men and she didn’t like any of them. She ended up pointing out the unique looking men. Everyone in the family agrees, her eyes are broken.

  29. Eleanor Connolly on

    You really need to ask yourself why you care enough about her appearance to write an entire article on your dislike for her. I’m sorry but you seem to be an insecure person and it makes you feel better to pick at others “flaws” when they really aren’t flaws, any shape or size who cares just eenjoy life and eat the ice cream and wear a bikini like the damn sexy. Bitch you are..you’ll never regret it and won’t need to bring down others (we all do it, me included)

  30. Lip moles are deal-breakers for me, even with a well-proportioned caboose, which she lacks. I couldn’t kiss a moled lip without wanting to wipe it off.

    This gets into a whole ‘nother topic of why we’re forced to watch actors with blatant moles, like Jennifer Lawrence. The visual distraction of her moles almost ruined “Passengers” for me. They do all kinds of surgery, so why not something that obvious before even starting a career where your face is prominent? Do they have no self-consciousness about dark spots? Few moles are aesthetically well-placed.

  31. She is very pretty, no doubt. However, her boobs NEED a bra because they would sag too much. And her fatal beauty flaw is that she has NO HIPS! Straight up and down Filipino teenage boy hips! From the bra up hot, from under the bra down, FAIL!
    I know that gay men and industry women will promote her, but she does not have what REALLY makes a woman attractive…curvy hips!

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