I realize this might be an odd year to celebrate National Lipstick Day for the first time ever, when all the good and normal people among us are hiding our lips with masks while in public. But I figure there’s no better time to get ready for when our faces can be seen in all their beauty once again. Even though no one outside our homes is catching sight of our lips these days, we have to prepare for the glorious day when this pandemic will be behind us.

Hollywood Blvd from the Glitter line.

Hollywood Blvd from the Glitter line.

So, to have our pouts ready, and because we all need some positivity in our lives right now, INAM is teaming-up with Gerard Cosmetics to celebrate the day by giving away $25. gift cards for my favorite lipsticks in the whole world! The only problem for the winners will be just which of their fabulous products they should choose!

First of all, because we all hate the year 2020 so much, and I am loathe to have that number associated with only bad things, we’re choosing 20 winners, to help that integer now have a happy ring to it for a bit.

Before I tell you more about how the give-away will work, let me first whet your appetite. Gerard Cosmetics features such a variety of lip products! I’ve used many of them over the years, so I can tell you some of my fave choices in each category. (But you have to figure-out what would look best with your own face and coloring.)

I think perhaps their most popular category is their Color Your Smile Lip Gloss. These wands have a little light on them that turns-on when you take it out, and I believe there’s a mirror on the back of the tube, as well, so you’ll always have perfect applications. (Just don’t try to do it in a theatre while the show is still going on!) Lyrica Anderson (from the TV show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,) has even curated a collection of these glosses that are perfect for deep skin tones.

The Lyrica Anderson collection from Gerard Cosmetics.

The Lyrica Anderson collection from Gerard Cosmetics.

In the MetalMatte Liquid Lipstick collection, my pals and I have fought over Dreamweaver, which seems to us to work just right on all lips. But if it’s super sparkle your lips are craving, go for Gerard’s Glitter Lipstick in Hollywood Blvd! You’ll be the star of your crowd every time.

If all those are too much for you, and you’re just a basic lipstick kind of gal, (or guy—no judgment here,) there’s that category on the site, as well. A bunch of us love French Toast, although just thinking about it is making me hungry! And you cannot ever go wrong with their Lip Pencils, especially in universal Nude.

The Lip Plumper.

The Lip Plumper.

If I was allowed to be one of the winners, (which, of course I am not,) I would opt for either their Lip Plumper or Supreme Lip Crème this time. I think those are the only two Gerard Cosmetics products I’ve never tried!

But, as the title of this e-zine states, it’s not about me—it’s all about you guys this time! So have fun and go for it!

By the way—not a fan of lipstick? No worries. The winners can use their gift cards for any of Gerard Cosmetics’ items! They have great teeth whiteners and all kinds of face and eye cosmetics, as well. You can even use part of the gift cards for the shipping, if you like.

Some of the other products on the site.

Some of the other products on the site.

Okay, so here are the rules:

Go to and peruse the site. (That way, you’ll know what you’d like to order if you’re one of the twenty winners.) Then come back here, and leave a comment, (which may or may not be seen, so keep that in mind,) in the Comments section below this column. You have to say something good about one or more of the Gerard Cosmetics products, or the site, in general. (And something nice about me or this e-zine wouldn’t hurt.) Go crazy and be creative! Length doesn’t matter. (In this case, anyway.)

Since I’m aware that some of you wait until the week-end to catch-up on all my INAM columns, we’re giving you some extra time, until this coming Monday night, August 3, 2020 at 11:59PST, to enter. Then my team (made up of essential personnel) will judge them, and choose the top twenty entries. If we choose more than twenty entries to be fabulous, we’ll put those names in a hat, and choose the winners randomly.

We’ll feature some of them in the Comments section below as we go along, just for fun. (But if yours gets published, please do not get excited yet—it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a winner; just that you’re in the running.) [Privacy notice—even though this site requires that you give us an email address when you leave a comment, we never publish those, of course. Just your name and comment appear in this e-zine. And, in this case, we need the email addresses to give to Gerard Cosmetics so they can send out the e-cards.]

We’ll notify the winners on or about Tuesday, August 4, 2020, and the gift cards will be emailed to them shortly after that.

And that is it!

Just some of the many choices.

Just some of the many choices.

But here’s a bonus for all of you reading this, even the non-winners: Gerard Cosmetics is celebrating National Lipstick Day on their own, as well! So, for now through this Friday, July 31st, all their lip products are on sale for just…$10 each!!! So you can stock-up now, and then the winners can use their gift cards at a later date; they never expire!

So, Happy National Lipstick Day! And happy entering our contest! May the best lips win!



  1. As a new collage student I would love to be able to flaunt my new lipsticks when I walk into the class.

  2. Sheryl Edwards on

    I love the Gerard Cosmetics lip glosses! Lip gloss is what I wear daily. I do like to wear lipstick when going out for a special occasion (whenever we get to do that again). What a very generous giveaway by you!! Thank you!!

  3. Love the Gerard cosmetics line !! The matte lipstick colors are so pretty and would love to get my hands on that lip plumper.
    P.S – love this e-zine !

  4. Karen Salkin on

    These are some of our top comments so far. Keep them coming, readers! We’ll choose the winners on Tuesday or Wednesday, and then email them. I’m so glad you’re all loving Gerard Cosmetics!


    • Was having trouble leaving a comment!! Love the glitter lipstick. Being a dentist it really makes your teeth show! Enjoy listening to everything you say! Makes me laugh.

      • Karen Salkin on

        I’m so sorry about the trouble! I’ve been hearing that from others. We’re thinking of extending the give-away another day while my web guy works on the problem. But we love your two comments, so stay tuned! ;)

  5. Elle Morissette on

    First, let me say how much I love reading your columns, Karen! I know whenever I need a pick me up to just head on over here. Today is no different and it’s my birthday to boot! What a fantastic contest this is! I truly hope I am one of the winners! I am loving looking at all the beautiful products by Gerard Cosmetics. I think my faves have to be the Glitter Lipstick in Cupid, Swipe Right or Hollywood Blvd along with Eternal Eyeliner. But I am also really interested in Clean Canvas Eye Concealer and Base. With all these Zoom meetings, I’m wearing makeup more than ever before. I have a tendency to have dark circles, so I’m always on the hunt for a high performance concealer. I love that this acts as a primer, as well! Anywhoo! Good luck to me and thanks again for all you do for us!

  6. Barbara Stewart on

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I. Love you more than lipstick: more than hydramatte liquid lipstick, more than glitter stick and more than supreme cream. I love you, color your smile lighted up lip gloss. Karen, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, and my cousin Mergatroid in Cincinnati loves you. Heck, the whole world loves you.


  7. Sheila Mahoney on

    Karen, I love reading your columns because they are funny, honest, and heartfelt. Reading your column is like a breath of fresh air as you dole out deserved kudos or the hook and I’m not sure who will get what. Gerard cosmetics website is a much appreciated touch of glamor for my Ohio village. Wouldn’t it be nice to rock a red lipstick to the next farmers market! Fingers crossed!

  8. I would love for a chance to win, specifically, the HydraMatte Liquid Lipstick! The colors look so amazing. I’d be the envy of all my friends.

  9. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Karen. Looking at the Gerard Cosmetics site, I was immediately drawn to French Toast, Nude, and Between the Sheets lipsticks (love these names!). Gerard’s other items look interesting, too, especially Slay the Day Setting Spray. Thanks for introducing us to this beautiful brand of makeup!

  10. Mary Barbour on

    I am very impressed at what looks to be some of the most beautiful lipsticks I’ve ever seen. The cosmetic company has choices of some cool lookin’ stuff. I’m just getting into reading Karen’s columns, and she is a force to be reckoned with. Ha. Here’s my chance to win!

  11. Hi there. I just spent a long time looking thru Gerard Cosmetics great cosmetics. I would love to win the gift card so I can get something wonderful for my girlfriend. Thank you.

  12. Helen Leibowitz on

    This is one of the most uplifting columns I’ve read in awhile! Basically, it is giving me hope that I will be able to show my lips to the world in the near future. Also, it is filling me with optimism that I may win a prize to help me put my best face forward with luscious hydrating lip sticks and other beauty products from the wonderful
    Gerard Cosmetics! Thank you!

  13. would love to try your glitter lipstick and mistified. karen, you always put a smile on my face. Stay safe.

  14. Patti Marotta on

    OMG OMG OMG! I went to the Gerard Cosmetics website and I am in LOVE! Hoping I win so I can start my own collection! Even if I don’t win – I will definitely be ordering soon! Thanks Karen!

  15. Jose, Yes That One on

    Grape soda. Yum. Love the daring shade of this lipstick (Hey Gerard, would also very much like a dark azure option eventually). Some of us have important need of avante shades. Thank you ahead of time!

  16. Omg as a licensed esthetician and facial specialist I know great skincare and makeup products when i see them! This company looks amazing. And beautiful website, too.

  17. I love the lip colors and that when you rollover the lipstick images you can see the different colors really well on the model’s lips to decide the best color to pick. So many choices! It’s difficult to decide! The star powder looks fabulous too. Thanks for telling us about the Gerard cosmetics company!

  18. Sharon Lieberman on

    Hi Karen – I love reading your columns! Thanks for introducing me to Gerard Cosmetics. I just spent the last 10 minutes perusing their site and making a wish list. So many things to choose from – I especially liked Immortal – I do love a good red lipstick! I’m hoping to try it if I’m one of the luck twenty.

  19. It all looks yummy! I miss seeing your columns every day, instead of just once or twice a week! But this is a great one. I hope I win.

  20. Hi Karen. I met you many years ago in Coney Island, and am glad to have found you again on this site. The lipssticks look great on this cosmetics website. I would love to try them!

  21. Karen Salkin on

    The give-away is now over. Thank you everyone who entered. I know the winners will be really happy to receive their Gerard Cosmetics gift cards! Use them in good health.

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