Continuing the tradition that began years ago on Karen’s Restaurant Revue, we were planning on doing a give-away of what I consider the only necessity for foodies—The Zagats restaurant guides. (They now serve many other cities, but we do just the Los Angeles and New York City ones because those are our main two cities of coverage.)

9781604785715But just like with the famous fast food places that have secret menus, (In-N-Out Burger’s double meat animal style, anyone?,) many people in the know already asked when we were going to be doing our Zagats give-away before we even posted it! So, since we’re starting so late this holiday, (which wouldn’t give us time to begin a new give-away, choose the winner, and then send them out,) we decided to just go with the first forty-eight people who had already inquired.

But since, between the oh-so-many movies I have to review for you, along with time-sensitive live events to tell you about, I don’t have time to do a whole column of holiday gift suggestions this year, this gives me the opportunity to once again recommend the Zagats guides as great gifts for any holiday!

So, I hope this is a fun surprise to those of you who hadn’t even realized you were entering, and, as soon as we notify the winners in the next day or two, the Zagats will be on their way to you. And next year, we’ll go back to doing the give-away in the normal way. Well, normal for us!


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