I’m so happy to announce this exciting give-away we’re offering on ItsNotAboutMe.TV, courtesy of My Candy Baskets.  Someone sent me a lovely basket from this New York-based company before Valentine’s Day, and it was so delightful that I just knew I had to share my discovery with my readers.  And now the prospect of Mother’s Day coming up on May 10 gives us the perfect opportunity to do it again!

My Candy Basket is joining with us at INAM to give away sixteen elegant candy baskets this week, so I’m calling the contest, “The Sweet Sixteen.”

This might be the My Candy Basket that you win. Or maybe it will look like the one at the top. Photos courtesy of My Candy Basket.

This might be the My Candy Basket that you win. Or maybe it will look like the one at the top. Photos courtesy of My Candy Basket.

This is what I told you about these wonderful gifts in my Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas column: “These custom-made candy gift baskets are not only delish, they’re absolutely gorgeous! I received one recently, and, no fooling, it took Mr. X and me a week to open it because we wanted to just admire the stunning packaging for awhile! You can design your own, or just go with an already-created one. There are so many beautiful color-schemes to choose from, and the variety of candies is overwhelming. And, for those of you to whom this matters, it’s all Kosher!”

I just gave you that reminder so that you’ll know how special this give-away is! My Candy Basket is making-up these special Mother’s Day baskets just for you, with what they feel is the perfect color scheme for the occasion, and with a wonderful array of delights. So, you have no decisions to make, other than to enter our contest in the next two days!

Some of the baskets, all ready to be sent to the winners! Photo courtesy of My Candy Basket.

Some of the baskets, all ready to be sent to the winners! Photo courtesy of My Candy Basket.

This is how The Sweet Sixteen contest will work:

It opens as soon as you read this, and closes on Wed. night, April 29th, 2015, at 11:59PM Pacific Time.  It’s open to everyone in the continental United States, including people who know me.  (Now I’ll really find-out how many of my own pals, who say they read INAM daily, really do!)   The only person who can’t enter, as  matter of fact, is me!  And, trust me, I’m sad about that because, even without being a mother myself, I’d love one!

The My Candy Basket is due to arrive before Mother’s Day, so I’d love moms to win, but there’s no restriction on that.  And I’m sure that some people will enter to be able to give it to their mothers!

You enter by putting your statement into the Comments section, below, but no worries–we won’t publish them; you’re putting your entry there just so my team and I can read them together, and decide on the winners.  [Note: If you win, and do want us to show your entry, just let us know.]

Since this is a contest, as opposed to a sweepstakes, this is what you have to do to win: Write a brief comment, saying why you would have liked to have me as your mother, daughter, sister, or aunt.  They can be as short or long as you want them to be. You don’t have to be schmaltzy; the entries can be sincere, nice, or funny. Or whatever you want them to be. They don’t even have to be true!

We’ll notify you only if you’re one of the sixteen winners.  But I promise that we will totally appreciate all entries. (And, if you’d like to give us some feedback when you receive yours, please feel free to respond to the email the notification comes in from.)

And don’t be sad if you don’t win this one; you can always order an affordable My Candy Basket for yourself! Just go to their site, by clicking here:

And that’s it! Best of luck to all who enter. I can’t wait to read your comments!



  1. Besides you are cool and smart!!! I would love you to be my mom because I want you to get one of the Candy Baskets!!!

    • Karen Salkin on

      I know I said I wouldn’t publish the contest entries, but I loved this one sooo much that I just had to do it! That is adorable! Thanks for the kidn sentiment. Your own mom is lucky to have you!

  2. Karen Salkin on

    Karen here. The contest is now closed, but the entries were really great and creative! And appreciated! We’ve chosen the winners, and will notify our “Sweet 16″ later today. Thank you all for entering. And keep your eyes out for the next give-away, which I hope will be as fabulous as this one is!

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