Even though we all know that I love Mr. X dearly, and I’m one of the most romantic girls in the world, we’ve somehow never been about Valentine’s Day gifts to each other. Perhaps that’s because it comes so closely on the heels of first Chrismakkah, and then my January 14th birthday (which so many of my so-called friends forgot this year, even though I called off my party just a few days before, which means they should at least have been ready for it!) How many more presents can one guy get for someone???

But, as I’m kind-of a gift expert by now, many people ask me for help in this category. What delights me most is when a giver thinks outside the box. I’ve had a couple of pals over the years who do that, and it’s such a pleasure to be surprised with the different items they come up with.

And that’s what I try to do here. So, let’s get to some fun ideas for both sexes. That Valentine’s love is for everyone, you know!



Tecumseh Canada Boots and Moccasins—for some reason, Mr. X usually gets me footwear for different holidays. No, he doesn’t have a foot fetish; he just knows that I love shoes and I appreciate my man buying them for me. So, if you’re a good mate, like he is, I have a romantic idea in that category, for both men and women. And children, too!

The super-comfortable Tecumseh Canada boots and moccasins come from Canada, (duh,) where they know how to accommodate their wardrobe for winter, let me tell you!!! I loved the Mukluks right away when I spied them at a recent Beverly Hills event, but, as someone who usually doesn’t wear fur, I was a tad concerned. But then, I read this on their website: “The fur used on our boots and rabbit fur moccasins do NOT come from endangered species, but from renewable, natural sources.” That comforted me right away.

I was glad to have that knowledge because I really pictured myself rocking those hip boots! They’re comfortable, warm and hip. And Canadiens have assured me that they’re actually cool in the summer. I don’t know how that happens, but I majored in fashion, not science. (Actually, it was theatre, but you get my drift.)

Something else to recommend them to Mr. X (and I’m sure, tons of others,) is that they’re actually made in North America, not Asia. But mainly, shallow girls such as I really only care that they’re attractive and trendy. Hence, a great gift!



Cellairis for Elle & Blair Cases—for people with iPhones and Blackberrys, having one of these fun, vibrant cases in which to house your phone is a godsend! A pal was visiting from New York last week, and kept losing her phone. Even in an airport ladies room! Because they’re black, when you put them down somewhere, they’re in a black hole. (And don’t even think of trying to find one in my dark furniture-ed house!) Everyone needs a colorful case to be able to see them.

Elle & Blair feature so many different designs it will be hard to choose just one. But they’re affordable enough to own several, to match different outfits. (See the above gift to remember about my shallow-ness.) For Valentine’s Day, though, they’re featuring a Limited Edition with a heart on red and white stripes, although I have seen several with others from their various collections with assorted hearts. I like the Imperial, for princesses of all ages. You just can’t go wrong, no matter which you choose. (And they have manly designs, too.)



Full Bars–for our very first Valentine’s Day, Mr. X gave me…a gym membership!!! I was a tad disappointed; I was super-skinny at the time, but he pointed-out that I wasn’t strong enough. As the years went on, I began to appreciate just how truly loving that gift was.

Now that I want to lose weight, but haven’t been allowed to exercise for awhile because of my back issue, I realized that help in that category would be a supportive Valentine’s Day gift. So, I came up with something easy, fun, and sweet, to boot. I just wouldn’t recommend it for your first romantic holiday together, but, if you’ve been together awhile, and your loved one has expressed an interest in losing weight, this is perfect.

Full Bar is weight loss bars that are filling and come in tons of delicious flavors. Mr. X, who actually needs to gain weight, wound-up eating all of my Double Chocolate ones and didn’t even know they were diet bars! He loved them!

Then, one recent day, I came home from a supposedly hip new restaurant. The food was dreadful (look-out for the review soon,) and I was starving. I was about to devour whatever crap I could find in the house, and was worried about the hunger I’d feel that night. I decided to try a Full Bar instead, for the first time, and…actually loved it! It was Chocolate Peanut Butter and actually tasted like a (much better) Rice Crispies Treat! So, Happy Valentine’s Day to myself!

[Note: I’ll let you know how they worked for me, down the line, but I have high hopes.]



Angelo David Hair Care—on one of my New York trips last year, I had my hair done at the Angelo David Salon near Grand Central Station. I recently noticed that they have their own line of hair care products, so I can help my own tresses at home.

I tried one of their paddle brushes on my long, luxurious locks. (I’m not being obnoxious; I just love using that alliteration, and there’s not much call for it otherwise.) It works great and looks much classier than my other hair care supplies.

If just a brush is not enough of a gift for you, why not pair it with their brand new Premier Volume Spray? Stylists always tell me that I have enough hair for ten people, so I don’t really need any more volume, but I understand it’s great for styling, as well, so I want to give it a shot. (Are you listening, Mr. X?)

And, having just lost a dear friend to lupus, I appreciate that one dollar from every product sold will go to (I believe there’s more info on that project on their website, so look for it when you’re ordering.)

So, show your girl (or guy) you know, (or at least think,) her tresses are natural, and donate to a great cause as well. That will definitely show love, on multiple levels.


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