It’s been a slow summer for celebrity sightings on the west coast; perhaps they’re all summering in the Hamptons! So, the first two are more behind-the-scenes celebs, but more successful and revered than most who are referred to as “celebrities” today. And the biggest sighting ever is the third one down; wow! The list gets impressive as it goes on, so it would be wise to read them all.
7/10/12 Songwriter Allee Willis, who wrote the Friends theme back in the day, strangely enough at a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills. But the visit was neither juicy nor worrisome; it was just an orthopedic guy. (Hey, this summer’s sightings began as slim pickin’s!)
8/10/12 My old pal, Richard Sherman, at downtown’s Ahmanson Theatre for opening night of the Mary Poppins musical, for which he wrote the music almost half a century ago!!! He also wrote It’s A Small World, Let’s Get Together (from the original Parent Trap,) and You’re Sixteen (one of Ringo’s few hits,) among many others, and is one of the nicest men in the business.

8/20/12 This may just be the biggest celeb sighting of all time!!! I was waiting at the elevator at my new dentist’s office in Century City, when I thought that one of the tall guys waiting with me looked familiar, and thought it was a pal’s son. Yeah, someone I wish had been my pal, it turned-out. It was Michael Jackson’s son, Prince!!! And with him was little Blanket! The only living person with hair longer than mine. There were a few other people with them, and when they finally got off, (we were both going to high-up floors, so we were squished in there for quite a few minutes,) I realized the beautiful tall girl was Paris Jackson!
I was shocked because she’s taller than I am! And she’s just a kid. Anyway, when they all got off ensemble, I said, “All of you? Great, because I’m claustrophobic and wanted the elevator to myself.” They actually smiled and chuckled. So, does that make us New Best Friends? I think so, although they may have a different take on it.
8/26/12 Kate Burton, whom I see several times a year because she’s married to Music Center head honcho, Michael Ritchie, which makes her sort-of the First Lady of that venue, I guess. But it didn’t hit me until recently that, in addition to having that distinction, and being a famous actress in her own right, she’s the daughter of Richard Burton, which makes her step-daughter of Elizabeth Taylor! I had forgotten all about that, but, what with Liz and Dick getting so much attention recently, I remembered, and looked on Kate anew when I saw her at the after-party for opening night of The Elephant Room at the Kirk Douglas Theatre.
9/5/12 So You Think You Can Dance judge, and krump dancer, Lil’ C, at his one-night-only show, The Underground: From The Streets To The Stage. It was on the campus of the college-I-cannot-name. (If you missed my review, you can read it here: www.itsnotaboutme.tv/news/2012/09/12/dance-the-underground-from-the-streets-to-the-stage.) I’ve seen him on TV so many times, that it was interesting to finally see him in person. He looks so much younger!
9/7/12 Diddy! And Robin Thicke and Sharon Stone and Nicole Richie! All at one event! They were on stage at the Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama fashion show downtown. I’m assuming that means they’re all good people because the event benefitted AIDS Project Los Angeles and Project Angel Food, two excellent organizations. Even if you missed it this year, that’s typical of the star power they always get, so mark your calendars this very second for next year’s. (You can read all about this one here:
www.itsnotaboutme.tv/news/2012/09/10/eventfashion-macys-passport-presents-glamorama-2012 .)
9/11/12 Harry Hamlin bringing a watch to be fixed at Tic Time in Sherman Oaks’ Fashion Square mall. I was busy doing him one more than one better by picking-up four timepieces! He is so much smaller and skinnier that I had noticed. Except for his giant head! (That’s not a knock; just reporting the facts, ma’am.

Karen Salkin and R J Mitte. Photo by Lila West.


9/12/12 At Doris Bergman’s pre-Emmy party at Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood: The Voice‘s Jamal Rogers; Oscar-nominated actress Mare Winningham; Emmy-nominated choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance, Stacey Tookey; and R J Mitte from Breaking Bad. Pretty good sightings for just a couple of hours, eh? (In case you missed it earlier this week, you can see my full review of the excellent event here: www.itsnotaboutme.tv/news/2012/09/17/gifting-suites-doris-bergmans-primetime-emmy-style-lounge-party .)

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