I’ve often noticed that when we girly-girl types greet each other in LA, the first thing we say is, “Great brows!” (Only if we really do have them, of course. Or if we’re being phony.) Well, now the girls, (and guys!,) of New York City can have them, too!

Joey Healy happily at work. Photo by Lauren Bennett.

Joey Healy has opened a brow studio there. (He has clients in Paris, as well.) I was happy to discover that it’s sort-of near Macy’s, so I got to see their fabulous holiday windows on the way. (I actually should have shopped there after to show off my new look. But, of course, I had more places to go that evening.)

Joey’s a young guy, who’s the doppelgänger of James van der Beek, (as Dawson, not current day, although James did age really well,) and he was a pleasure to work with. I had actually been trying to get in to see him when I arrived in town, but, as he was about to open this new studio, he wasn’t available at that time. But then I got invited to the official opening, so it was definitely worth the wait!

Joey Healy's neat workspace. Photo by Karen Salkin.

His studio is a cool space with everything one could need for any brow procedure. It’s neatly appointed and there’s even space for a pal to wait her turn. Even though each guest had her own appointment time that day, we got to see some of the other girls and ooh and ahhhh over what Joey did to each of us. (He chooses different processes according to each client’s needs, so we didn’t look cookie-cutter and could, therefore, compare notes.) Some of just kept hanging there, chatting and sipping beverages and eating bags of chips, which is right up my alley.

For my sad puppies, (as one southern brow girl once referred to my brows,) he mixed up different tints, to add dimension. He plucked and trimmed while we chatted and laughed. I waited while he worked on another magazine editor pal of mine, so we could photograph each other’s new look. It was a whole upbeat time there.

Just when I’m wondering how I’m going to keep-up my new look, Joey had wonderful parting gifts for us! We each got a neat, perfect-sized cosmetics case containing five of his signature products, each in its own pouch. The highlight is his Brow Renovation Serum, which helps you grow thicker, more luxurious brows. Some of us have plucked our own brows to the point of extinction, and this serum is touted to work magic. I can’t wait to try mine. (I didn’t want to open it in New York because I was afraid I might leave it there by accident; I put it in my suitcase immediately to bring back home.)

Karen Salkin's brows, after and before. Photo by Lauren Bennett.

There’s something I noticed about Joey’s work that I haven’t experienced elsewhere; my brows got better as these two weeks have worn on!!! I have to admit that the day he did them, I was a smidge concerned that perhaps they were a tad too dark. But, the next day they were perfect! And then I began to get those compliments on subsequent days! That’s such a bonus because sometimes you look great the day you get them worked-on, and when you get out of the shower the next morning, they’re not as good.

But, in this case, I haven’t even had to use my Joey Healy Brow Architect Stylo or Luxe Brow Powder yet! I came back to LA camera-ready! Well, my brows did, anyway. Now, if I could just get Joey to branch-out into working on the rest of my face, I’ll be all set!

315 5th Avenue  Suite 707  New York  917-288-3548



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