A good friend of mine I’ve known forever, (with whom I commiserate over cosmetics issues,) just tried a product from It Works, and loved it so much that she became a rep for a company! When I saw her results from the Ultimate Body Applicator (that she posted on Facebook,) I was floored. (I know they’re one hundred percent real because I know her face really well.)

My friend's results.

My friend’s results.

Patti was the first chick to get eyeliner and lip color tattoos, and to use Revitalash lash conditioner, as well. So we know she’s all about cosmetic improvement without surgery. She’s also a major gym rat, so she looks in the mirror for at least an hour a day. (At the gym–we who know and love her know it’s really a lot more than that the rest of the day!)

So, I figured I’d give the Ultimate Body Applicator a shot myself, since my under-chin area is my worst one, too. And even Mr. X noticed a little change. (Of course, I wish it was a bigger change, but I’d rather not go under the knife for it. Or spend thousands of dollars when I can just do this easy, affordable alternative.)

So, unlike the blogger chicks who take money from companies to tell you about something they probably haven’t even tried themselves, or care about, this is definitely not a sponsored post! I just wanted to share the info with those of who can benefit from it, as well.

For more info, or to try it for yourself, please go to:


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  1. The “after” picture shows a real improvement. I think I will have to try this! Thanks for the info, Karen.

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