I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I published my last list of beauty products that work! The previous two articles on the topic were among my most popular of all time, so, when I thought of this next group, I just had to share. Hope they help even a few of you!

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

(And trust me when I tell you that they all make perfect holiday gifts, three for the female in your lives, the other two for the whole fam!)

Vita Liberata Tinted Self Tan Gel (or Lotion) in Deep For Face—Even though Mr. X and I have lived together for what seems like a million years, we have totally separate products. We use different toothpastes, face creams, face washes, soaps–heck, we even like different dish-washing detergent! (That last one I believe is due more to stubbornness than anything else.) But, way back at the beginning of this year, we found this fabulous facial self-tanner that we actually fight over! It doubles as a daily moisturizer, and Mr. X will not use anything else. A bonus is that one bottle lasts a looong time.

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt–I have long been a believer in exfoliation because I love having soft skin. (It seems that whenever some guy touches my arm by accident, or even my hands, I always get the same surprised reaction, and then comments like, “Your skin’s so soft!,” and “Mr. X is a lucky guy.” That balances out the less-than-fabulous things about me!) This exfoliating mitt from Dermasuri goes a long way towards achieving that kind of healthy dermis. It’s so much better than creams, and even than loofahs. It’s an attractive black and green mitt that fits over anybody’s hands, (even my just-surgeried ones,) and needs to be used only once every two to four weeks. And because it’s dark in color, you can see it working. (Just picture it—I don’t need to go into more detail on that concept.)

Pur Lip Pencil and Mascara–I discovered this cosmetics company this summer, and now their Lip Gloss Sticks and Double Ego Mascara have made it into my make-up staples collection. The lip gloss pencils, though of the chubby variety, are easy to carry anywhere, and offer just the right amount of color and shine, and the mascara lets you choose your desired thickness and volume with each application. Who could want more from their make-up?

Franche Foundation and Bronzer–I could not get by without these two products! I have never worn face makeup, except for when I’m modeling and acting, so you would think that I wouldn’t care about foundation at all. But ever since I had Moh’s cancer surgery on my nose several years ago, I’ve had a big white scar on that site. Franche foundation powder in Beige is the only thing that covers it up in a non-obvious way, and no one even notices the scar anymore. And I just brush a little bronzer on my whole face, and voilà—a healthy-looking (if not being) me!

Jordana Cappuccino Eye Pencil–I’ve never found a more perfect eyeliner color, no matter what shade your eyes are! I used to buy a whole bunch of them at once, and give them to every girl I encountered who was doing her makeup all wrong. (And trust me, there were more of them than even I could’ve imagined.) I call this my “secret weapon.”

[Note: unlike bloggers, I’m not compensated for any of my opinions. Rather, I just like to share my secrets in the hopes that it makes beauty easier for even one other person.]


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