Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a lovely New Year’s Eve, Day, and long week-end, and are ready to face 2010. Somehow, Mr. X, Clarence, and I had the best holiday season possibly ever, maybe because we just relaxed and let it flow. salon-frontBut now it’s time to face getting back to the real world. January is always a tad strange for me because my birthday is January 14 and I always want it to be great. But coming so soon after the holidays, it puts a lot of pressure on me, and on my pals, as well, especially Mr. X. To get me set for this busy month ahead, I recently paid a visit to the Argyle Spa at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

For years now, I’ve thought that the best thing about that hotel is the unparalleled Maitre’d of their Tower Bar, Dmitri Dmitrov. Much as I love him, I found-out that the fabulous Argyle Spa and Salon, located on the lower levels, can give him a run for his money!

In all honesty, I had been there for a facial a few years back and was beyond underwhelmed. Then, at an excellent event (that I had recommended to you guys) in October, Plan “A” Baby at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, I had a wonderful mini-facial by Dana Gillespie, so I inquired as to where I could find her on a regular basis.

When she said the Sunset Tower, I, of course, had to tell her my tale of woe. Turns out, all those nasty people are gone, and she’s taken over as Spa Director! So I decided to give it another shot. And, boy, am I glad I did!

[Update:  Since I visited this spa and posted this column, there have been some changes at the argyle Spa. The wonderful director, Dana Gillespie, has since resigned, so I can no longer vouch for the service.]
Besides that the front desk personnel were nice this time, which, trust me, was not the case on my first visit, I absolutely adored all three treatment-givers; Nestor Ruiz, Dana Gillespie, and Joseph Chase. After getting settled into my room, that was bigger than some of my pals’ apartments(!), I got escorted to a Turkish Hammam, which is a private steam room. They gave me a bowl with the creamiest scrub on one side and an iced facecloth on the other to use in there. Both were used and appreciated.
This is the exact room I had my services in!

This is the exact room I had my services in!

Nestor, the most amazing masseur, (Dana had told me he’s highly sought-after, and I can see why!,) got me when I had been in there long enough and escorted me back to my room. It was the perfect temp and lighting, btw. He performed the best massage ever! It was really amazing, and, unlike the rest of America, I rarely use that word, so that it has impact when I do. I think I’m in love with him now! But I have a feeling all his clients are.

And I always ask for a female to work on me because I hate having strange guys touching my naked body. (I felt the same when I was skinny and had a great body, so it’s not just the chub factor that makes me feel that way.) I’m so glad I listened to Dana and asked for Nestor. He was so fabulous that I forgot to be upset about him being a guy!

Though I was looking forward to my facial with Dana next, I dreaded having to kill my massage buzz by having to get up and change rooms. At the end of my time with Nestor, I asked where I go next. He told me to stay put because Dana was coming to me!!! You can’t imagine how special that was. I just lay there, Dana came in with mobile equipment, and I luxuriated while she made my skin beautiful with their award-winning (so I’m told) HydraFacial.

showthumbnailTowards the end of her time there, she asked me if I’d like her to run me a bath! (Yes, my room had a giant spa tub.) Of course I said yes, and when she left, I enjoyed relaxing in the bath enhanced with therapeutic sea salts. The spa’s literature states that “this helps further release any remaining tensions and sets your body into complete bliss.” I agree!

I really could have stayed in there for several hours, but it was time to get ready to face the real world. So, after taking one last shower (why, I don’t know–I think by now I was clean enough, but I just loved using all the facilities,) I went up to the salon for my hair. (I came in with it looking good, but decided to just go with the whole program and not worry about it staying that way. One second in the hammam made me realize I’d need it re-done, though I could have just worn a shower cap in there. But then I would have missed the next part of my fun beauty day!)

arglye-salonJoseph Chase, an adorable guy from whom I just had to steal some down-home expressions (like “fully-grown” for “grown-up” kind-of–you’ll just have to hear us use it,) did my blow-out. I was so glad he had a lot to say because I was almost catatonic from the previous treatments and couldn’t put two sentences together. He made me look as cute as he did, which was great. I left there with both my inners and outers refreshed.

I have to be honest and tell you this whole event can get somewhat pricey. But, for the patrons who would be getting these treatments elsewhere, I can’t imagine a better spa day. And if you’re someone who’s doing it as a special event, this will definitely be that. Just don’t try to get my new fiancé Nestor away from me!

Argyle Salon & Spa 8358 Sunset Blvd. (inside the Sunset Tower Hotel) West Hollywood 310-623-9000









  1. My husband also raved about Nestor Ruiz but sadly he is no longer at the Argyle. Does anyone know where he is currently working or if it is possible to book a massage with him?

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