As a diehard foodie, Masters of Taste is literally one of my favorite events all year! I’m giving everyone the heads-up because the 2023 event will be here in just a week and a half!!! And, trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss!!!

2023 marks the sixth year of the now-famous food fest, and I’m happy to say that I’ve missed only the first one. And now I can’t wait for this year’s rendition—I look forward to it for myself and to introduce yet another pal to it. And to entice all of my SoCal readers to go to it, as well. I promise that you will absolutely love it!

Part of the 2022 Master of Taste festivities. Photo by Karen Salkin, as is the one at the top of this preview.

Part of the 2022 Master of Taste festivities. Photo by Karen Salkin, as is the one at the top of this preview.

The link to purchase tickets, along with all the official info, is at the bottom of this preview. But I’m here to break down the most important scoops that you need to know about Masters of Taste 2023.

It’s taking place on Sunday, April 2, 2023, from 4-7PM for general admission, with an extra VIP hour from 3-4. (Here’s an expert tip: It’s much less crowded for that first hour, so, if your budget allows, I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money for it.) And, as usual, it’s on the field of the iconic Rose Bowl, which is always magical. If you’ve never been on that hallowed ground, this is a wonderful opportunity to cross that rare experience off your list.

Before I tell you about all the incredible food and beverages that await you, I must say that my favorite part of Masters of Taste is knowing that one hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to Union Station Homeless Services, which is a nonprofit organization that’s working to end homelessness and rebuild lives here in Los Angeles, specifically the San Gabriel Valley. I always applaud efforts in that category; we need them now more than ever!

So that’s the kind aspect of Masters of Taste. Now let’s get to the fun parts!

Karen Salkin showing one of the prettiest desserts at Master of Taste in 2018. Photo by Karen Salkin's left hand. (How DOES she do it?!)

Karen Salkin showing one of the prettiest desserts at Master of Taste in 2018. Photo by Karen Salkin’s left hand. (How DOES she do it?!)

Here’s how cool it is—the whole event is just one price for admission, and then you get to eat and drink to your heart’s content. You don’t spend even one more dime all day! Even the parking is free. (But please do not drive there if you’re one of the people who loves sampling the very many alcoholic beverages on offer! Either designate a teetotaling driver or take a car service.) And, if tradition holds, we even get our own cute little set of cutlery on the way in, which cuts down on plastic waste. Speaking of that, there are even bins specified for composting alongside the ones for trash and recycling.

There are expected to be about one hundred food purveyors between restaurants and caterers; the latter offerings are always special because we don’t have the option of trying their fare every day, as we do with actual eateries. And most of the sponsors proffer more than one tidbit. For example, an Italian cafe might be serving pizza, pasta, and dessert. You really have to pace yourselves so you don’t get full before you have a chance to try a bit of everything. I promise you—one gigantic fried chicken breast from Gus’, (always one of the most popular booths there,) can feed a family of five! (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but only a bit.)

Some desserts from 2022. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Some desserts from 2022. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Since I’m not solely a restaurant critic anymore, (as I’m sure you’ve all noticed from the over forty categories in this e-zine!,) most of the places at Masters of Taste will be new to me. That makes it extra-exciting because it’s the perfect opportunity to up my knowledge in the SoCal restaurant scene, and get back to being a part of the in-crowd. I look forward to trying it all! Especially the desserts. Yu-um!!!

And there are sooo many beverage participants, both alcoholic and otherwise, that they’re listed in four categories!!! I’m just always grateful that bottled or boxed flat water is readily available all day because that’s the only thing I drink.

In addition to the culinary choices on the field itself, the fun begins as soon as we enter the premises. There are food trucks right on that top level, along with pretty seating areas in which to enjoy the fare. You can start eating and drinking right away up there, but we usually end our day there, as a relaxing respite after we’ve gained about ten pounds chowing-down on all the wonderful treats on the field!!! We always need to sit down and quietly enjoy our last licks.

The first area you see as you enter the premises. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The first area you see as you enter the premises. Photo by Karen Salkin.

And here’s a pro tip–if you’re a girl, wear flats or sneakers, because it’s a lot of walking. And, as I said, on a football field! And pair that footwear with a baggy dress, or pants that expand on your stomach. This is a food fest, not a fashion show. I promise you that no one has eyes for anything but the food and drinks.

And don’t forget the sunscreen! Even if it’s not sunny out that day. If you haven’t gotten the memo by now, the solar rays are dangerous even on the cloudiest of days. So maybe even bring a cap. You can never be too careful. (But happily, there’s no need for a face mask at Masters of Taste! It’s all outdoors and you’ll be needing your mouth to eat and drink the entire time! How refreshing is that news?!)

I hope to see you all there. Just don’t cut in front of me for a piece of chocolate cake!

For tickets and more information, just click right here: www.MastersofTasteLA.com.


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