In case you missed my Valentine’s Day Ideas column last week, here’s one upcoming event that I really want to let you know about. I’m due there myself, but I actually have a bad high-heels-wearing injury, so I may not make it, which would be a real shame because I think it’s going to be great. [Note: if any of you have bad pinched-nerve advice, please let me know, though, with the help of my former physical therapist, the fabulous Lori Skophammer of Las Vegas, I’m pretty much on the road to recovery, knock on wood.]


image001The Luminario Ballet Company is having an intimate private salon fund-raiser at the home of a movie director in Los Angeles this coming Sunday Night, Feb 21. It’s an evening of ballet and refreshments, which sounds like the classy kind-of soiree I’ve seen only on soap operas! I can’t wait to be a part of it. This “evening under the stars” features short performances of two ballets, plus either full dinner, or cocktails and dessert. And you get to meet the dancers as well, so I’d start working on my posture now.

With dance shows being so popular on television for the past few years, it seems that people across the board are finally appreciating this wonderful art form. And ballet, especially up-close and personal, is the most beautiful discipline. The Luminario Company’s repertoire features contemporary ballet, modern, and aerial, so this isn’t your parents’ ballet company. (I’m a major fan of classical ballet, as well, though.) I’m really looking forward to the dance performances, and events with food are my forte.

In addition, there will be some celebrity guests: Doriana Sanchez, the disco queen choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance, Lisa Edelstein from House (I see a Fox TV theme here,) and special guest of honor, Marat Daukayev, who was a principal dancer with the Kirov Ballet and now runs their ballet academy in D.C.

Though this is a fund-raiser, the organizers are giving my readers a hefty discount.   (I guess supporting me is finally paying off, eh?) (The “eh” is my small tribute to the Olympics being held in Canada.) You’ll get $50. off whichever tickets you choose when you say you read about it here. (Just call 818-395-6506 and say you’d like the ItsNotAboutMe.TV discount.) And supporting funds raised at this event will be matched by the Charles Evans Foundation, NY, so every dollar generously donated will have twice the value!Hope to see you there! Just jeté on over and say hello.

FOR MORE INFO:    818-395-6506     www.luminarioballet.org













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  2. hey, thanks for this great artcile!
    so the tickets are opened to the public? coz I”d love to meet Lisa Edelstein and do some charaity on the occasion.
    how does this work? should I call the number and get more details?

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