I’m back in New York, and was in for one shock. The absolute best chiropractor in the world passed away last year!

I used to go to him every time I was in town, which meant three to four times a year. Dr. Calakos was so good that my poor back didn’t need more attention than that. But, since my back broke four years ago, I haven’t been allowed to have adjustments, (as they’re called; I just call it “crunching.”) I always had every intention of returning to Dr. Calakos as soon as I was able. And now I can’t believe he’s not here!

I searched the web for hours for a photo of Dr. Calakos, to no avail.  So, I'm using a picture of the old-fashioned kind-of table I associate with him.  I think he'd laugh at that.

I searched the web for hours for a photo of Dr. Calakos, to no avail. So, I’m using a picture of the old-fashioned kind-of table I associate with him. I think he’d laugh at that.

I first got referred to him by an actress friend who got him from Broadway dancers. If there are people who aren’t going to take chances with their bodies, it’s dancers. I had been used to my LA chi-chi chiropractors; you know, the ones who tell you that you have to see them three times a week. Then they bombard you with hot packs, muscle mover machines, and a whole bunch of other modalities. And you’re still always in pain and never feel better.

Conversely, Dr. C’s technique was out of some bygone era, but it’s the only one that worked. He didn’t give appointments; rather, you just showed up on spec, (his first “office” had a “Joe sent me” kind-of feel to it,) and if you had to wait, so be it. You also stayed dress, except for your shoes. He pulled on everything, including your legs, toes, and fingers. I was not a fan of getting my fingers pulled until my joints cracked, and he said it was totally optional, and he didn’t have to do it. But, the whole thing worked so well that I didn’t want him to leave anything out. The thing I got the most kick out of was the old-fashioned table he worked on; you got on it standing up, and then he mechanically laid it down, with the patient on it. I chuckled every time.

And while he crunched you, he told stories of his family in Brooklyn, his school days, and his outings on his boat that was moored in Sheepshead Bay.

He was so nice that he even drove me home to Brooklyn once from the city, suitcases and all!

Even better to me than how much better I felt after a visit to Dr. Calakos was how kind he was to my little mo. She loved accompanying me to his office, (which was really a Manhattan apartment,) and he let her sit in the room while he crunched me, and they talked about the junior high school that she taught at and Dean went to. And they giggled like old chums. It was such a party atmosphere over there!

I never met his family, but I knew them from his prideful stories of them. And now my heart goes out to them. Since it’s been awhile since he left this level of life, perhaps they’ve adjusted. But, if they’re reading this, I want them to know what special guy Dean Calakos was to his patients. He is truly missed.



  1. fournier claire on

    Your message for Dean is wonderful.It was a great man and very sensitive to discover your pain since your childhood.
    I am looking for a new one. If you have a name for a new chiropractor;
    I will never forget Dean.
    Claire from Paris

    • Sharon O'Connell on

      Your tribute to Dr. Dean, which I’ve just seen, is wonderful. I miss him all the time! A great spirit and someone who really brought an always smile to my face.

  2. David Rosenberg on

    Am irreplaceable man. Haven’t gone to a chiropractor since, and that sucks because no one could touch this guy, for the quality of the adjustment or the enjoyment of his company. Miss him so much.

  3. Jeanie Columbo on

    I still think of Dr Dean. I followed him to three different locations. Once when I saw a famous actor leave his office & I asked Dr Dean ‘ Was that who I think it was?’ He says, ‘Everybody is a spine to me!’
    A kind, delightful, caring guy! Still greatly missed!

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