Beginning with the upcoming Mark Taper Forum production, Sweat, those of you who are twenty-five-years-old and younger, (which just lets me out, but by only a hair!,) will be able to get free tickets for certain Center Theatre Group shows!

FP-ProductionTitleIt’s called the FreePlay program, and this is how it will work: I assume that you’ll have to prove your age with ID, but then you young ’uns can get free tickets to the first preview of all the CTG shows at both the Mark Taper Forum downtown and the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City.

I believe the deal is that you should try to make reservations two weeks before the first preview of each production. While the tix are totally free if you get them at the box offices, there will be a very small handling fee to reserve both online and by phone. Either way, it’s a major break for our city’s young culture lovers.

If you look anything like most of these CTG theatregoers, then you're the correct age for this fabulous deal!

If you look anything like most of these CTG theatregoers, then you’re the correct age for this fabulous deal!

Center Theatre Group Artistic Director Michael Ritchie tells us, “Center Theatre Group’s mission focuses on introducing the largest possible audiences, from all across Los Angeles, to theatre. Through programs like FreePlay, we are making a direct effort to welcome new theatregoers by lowering any perceived barriers of our organization or live theatre overall. It’s imperative that we strive to create a more vibrant Los Angeles with a stronger cultural fabric that supports such accessible experiences.”

So, my young readers, I suggest you reserve your tickets to Sweat at the Forum for the August 29 performance, and for School Girls at the Douglas for September 2, as soon as possible. And then your reviews can come before mine! So–Go, junior reviewers!

For more info on it all: or 213-628-2772.


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