Am I the only one who’s noticed just how much of a yawn the Fox TV series House has become in the past year? And last week’s episode, entitled simply Wilson, was the worst one yet. I can’t imagine why they did one that featured his friend Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard.) It was a total snooze-fest. (My guesses are that either the execs are thinking of a spin-off for him, bite my tongue, or his agents bullied them into trying to create an episode he could send in to the Emmy nominating committee. Both bad choices, in my opinion.) And trust me, I was a loyal fan up until now, when I just can’t ignore the blandness anymore.


Hugh Laurie looking as perplexed as we all are about the direction his show his taking!

Hugh Laurie looking as perplexed as we all are about the direction his show his taking!

As an actress, I try to learn from great performances, but usually do it in my head post-viewing because when it’s a truly great, or even good, acting job, you don’t notice the work as it’s happening and just get lost in the story. But the whole time I was watching this episode, I was trying to figure out just what Mr. Leonard was trying to impart to the audience! It was a really confusing portrayal.

I actually went back to the beginning to see if he had directed this episode because that might have explained his strange acting a bit; perhaps he had been distracted. But alas, no, which meant that someone else had done a mediocre job of directing. This was in addition to the weak story and bored performances.

I’m so sick of the stupid relationship stories on this series. NOBODY CARES!!! What used to be an entertaining show of medical mysteries, combined with often charming humor from Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House, is now mainly about the private lives of characters we don’t want to know about. Everyone’s always surly and unhappy. And mumbles. Enough!

And on top of it, last week’s rendition took the cake medically, as well. After a night of drinking, the cancer specialist, played by Mr. Leonard, decided to donate part of his liver to a patient. So, with no pre-op care, which I would assume an operation such as this requires, they cut him open and got it done. Now, I’m no surgery expert (except for orthopedics–no lie), and though I usually do hours of research on everything I’m writing about, this time I just don’t want to waste any more of my day on House. But I can’t imagine that they would take an alcohol-filled liver and give it to a dying patient. There just has got to be more to it than that.

With all the doctors so pre-occupied with each other’s personal lives, no wonder they get each week’s diagnosis wrong at least four or five times. I used to hope that if ever I got a mystery illness, Dr. House and his team would come to my rescue. Now I would sign papers to keep them all the hell away from me! Just as I intend to do with their increasingly insipid, and just plain stupid, show. Thank goodness Carrie Underwood’s Holiday Special is pre-empting it this week, so we can all catch a break.




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