A few months ago, because of a small glitch on the site, my webmaster changed the whole look of it, as a surprise to me. I’m not only terrible with change in general, but I didn’t have the time it would take to learn how to work with the new set-up.

So, after forty-eight hours of staying awake and trying my best, crying through most of it, with one click, he changed it back!!! (If I had known that was an option, I would have been spared tons of irritation.) [Note: small grammar lesson here: “irritation” is the correct word for what many call “aggravation”; the latter means a worsening in condition, therefore, you have to be irritated before you can be aggravated! But, as with most incorrect usages and pronunciations, linguistics dictates that it’s now accepted to use “aggravated” when you really mean “irritated.” But, I put in this note just in case you’d rather be really grammatically correct. I’m just saying.]

ItsNotAboutMe.TV as it looks now.

I dislike sites that are so busy, you can’t figure out what to read first! An old pal once pointed-out that I have “linear thinking,” which is so correct! I guess it’s visual, as well, because I like to read everything in a row. So, on INAM, the daily columns are in a row. The latest one is at the top, and the day before is the next one down. And so on.

But my Featured Content box, which is giant and right above the daily columns, has become non-functioning, and it’s beginning to really annoy me. We don’t know how to do away with it altogether, so now we have choices, and I could really use as many opinions as possible on what to do about it.

So, please weigh-in, when you get a second. We won’t publish your thoughts on this one, (unless you ask us to,) but please leave a comment in the box below this column, so that we know what my readers want. If you have an email address for me, please feel free to reach-out that way, as well. Or, just “like” It’s Not About Me TV, (as it’s incorrectly written on there,) on Facebook, so you can comment there as well. (Or instead.)

So, should we continue the site as-is, with just a stationary picture in the big top box, and change it up from time to time, (it’s too time-consuming to change it every day,) or make-over the whole site? And, if you’re one of the thousands of people who saw it with the other lay-out on those two days in October, what did you think of it that way? Too busy, or what you’re accustomed to in this helter-skelter world?

I would really appreciate as much feed-back as possible. It’s a new year, so is a new look for INAM in order?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting in your two cents. It may be small change, but the effort on your part is worth a million to me!


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