I’m usually too busy to fit in restaurant openings, but I’m so glad I found time to attend the fun tasting party at Gobi Mongolian BBQ House in Silverlake, one of L.A.’s hottest areas these days.

Gobi cooks at work on opening night
Gobi cooks at work on opening night

I must commend the owners, especially Ruth Ochoa and Michael Buch, for staying calm and lovely in the face of the madhouse it became throughout the evening, with every freeloader in town showing up! But this place appears to be so affordable, and yummy, that even the biggest schnorrers can pay many return visits.

I hope to do a full review down the line, but the premise appears to be that each customer chooses his or her own meats, vegetables, noodles, and sauce and the cooks grill them up for you on a giant stone stove. What we had was really delicious.

I don’t know what the whole menu is, but I do know that my guy friends went nuts over the ahi tuna appetizers they tried at the opening. I couldn’t get enough of the kind-of crispy, hot, house-made sesame rolls. Todd said they were like Korean matzahs!

And while I stuck with water and Lou with white wine, Todd tried one of Gobi’s signature cocktails, the Ginger Blossom (made of ginger, soju, lime juice and a splash of soda) and was most impressed. They also serve a well-rounded selection of beer and artisan ales, which the crowd seemed to be enjoying heartily.

As opening night parties go, this one had it all–a hip crowd, delicious and plentiful food, attractive even-tempered staff, flowing drinks, and a DJ who played actual good upbeat music. And of course, the most fun restaurant critic in town!

Gobi   2827 W. Sunset Blvd.   Los Angeles   213-989-0711


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