Well, technically, they began yesterday with some not-too-popular daytime coverage, and then a bit of Figure Skating at night, which, of course, I loved. But tonight is the Opening Ceremony so I count this as the beginning. (And I had to publish a different also-time-sensitive column yesterday.)

Olympics_2018_SochiBesides that I’m trumpeting the start of the Games because I’m so excited about them, (as usual,) I don’t want you guys to think that something happened to me if I post only one or two times a week for the next sixteen days; I’m fine—I just went down the Olympics rabbit hole!

But no worries. Even though I really don’t want to take even one second away from giving each sport and athlete my complete attention, I’m sure that I won’t be able to stop myself from tweeting about all the goings-on for the duration. (So, if you don’t already, maybe you should follow me now. @MajorCelebrity.) We all know that I’ll be outraged about something along the way, don’t we?

maxresdefault-4-1170x731I’ll actually start that ball rolling right here and now: I cannot stand hearing those classless chants of “USA, USA!” Those people really bother me. I always root for the most deserving athlete, not someone just because they happen to be from my country. There’s so much pressure on the frontrunners, and they don’t need to be rattled by reckless cries from the peanut gallery.

Whew—that felt good to get off my chest right at the start. And it warmed me up for all my comments to come in the next couple of weeks.

landscape-1514919096-pyeongchang-olympicsSo I wish all the athletes (and me, too, of course—how many other people do you know who go into self-imposed exile for just about the entire time?,) the best of luck with this Olympics.

You know that we’ll have plenty to discuss when it’s all over.

[Note: I barely check comments in this e-zine, emails, social media, phone messages, and even snail mail for these sixteen days, so if I don’t get back to you in my usual timely manner, please forgive me. I gave you good advance warning!]


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