This week features a couple of National Days that I thought you might like to be aware of.

Such a famous children's book!

Such a famous children’s book!

First up is today’s National Clean Your Room Day. But if I were truly celebrating that action, I couldn’t do it for just one day–I’d need a year! Mr X is probably laughing reading this—he knows it’s more like a decade! I’ve just spent fourteen months in lockdown and not one room in our house is much the better for it. (I’m proud to say that one closet is, though.)

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on INAM before, but Mr. X and I are the all-time champions of the old TV game show, Tattletales! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s sort of like The Newlywed Game, but for celebrity duos. (And we didn’t have to be newlyweds or even married.) There were three couples on each week, competing against each other, and we won money for our cheering sections in the audience. Mr. X and I missed only two questions out of five shows and one test show, (which was to make sure that our headphones were working, and that we knew how to play the game.) And one of the most memorable questions they asked the guys was, “Friends call to say they’re on the way over unexpectedly–does she fix the house or her face?” Without skipping a beat, Mr. X said, “For Karen to fix the house, they’d have to be coming from Pluto, so she would definitely fix her face.” The audience was hysterical, thinking he was doing a bit, but here we are all these years later, and the situation is the same as it was back then–they would indeed have to be coming from Pluto. Or at least Mars, (which at this point is possible!!! Thank goodness we’re not friends with any astronauts!) [Note: I’ll try to tell you the entire Tattletales story down the line, most likely in my book of personal celebrity experiences that I’m writing.]

Getting back to the present, if you’re a kid who needs a Mother’s Day do-over from yesterday, (as I occasionally have done for my birthdays, if a boyfriend messed-up on the actual date,) that’s what you can do for your mom a day late—clean your room! (And trust me—get in the habit of doing it now!)

eat-what-you-want-dayNow let’s move on to tomorrow’s National Eat What You Want Day. That occasion might be special at any other time in history, but right now, isn’t that what most of us have been doing for over a year? I keep hearing complaints about the “Covid Nineteen,” which means that people have gained that many pounds during lockdown! No one can be blamed for that, though—they weren’t been being seen by many, and were nervous wrecks the whole time, so they pigged-out behind closed doors for lo those many months.

So this year, this National Day is for the people who, like me, have been eating pretty healthfully during the lockdown. I had to learn to cook in a hurry, and came up with delicious dishes that were mostly vegetarian, with no red meat, white rice, white flour, white pasta, and rare sugar. So you know it, my honeys—I’m going to for sure eat what I want tomorrow!!!

If only MY mess was as organized as this one!

If only MY mess was as organized as this one!

And then I’ll start looking forward to a week from today because it will be…Pack Rat Day. Now there’s something I celebrate all the time! (While Mr. X’s blood boils!) But when it’s truly safe to be near others, (and touch cash!,) keep an eye out for the amazing garage sales I’m going to have!

When all those National Days are over, I think I’ll start campaigning for a National Cut Your Hair Day! I hope it comes soon because after a year and a half with no salon visits, I’m sitting on my luxurious locks! I’m still a bit concerned about being so near someone else right now, (which it’s impossible to not be while getting your hair cut,) so I may just need a special day to nudge me into doing it.

What National Day(s) would you like to see? Please share your thoughts (serious and joking) in the Comments section below.


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