I went through so many emotions at a recent screening of the amazing Michael Jackson documentary, This Is It–incredible sadness, joy, anger, awe, wonder, amazement, and adulation, to name but a few. I was crying so hard through most of it, at the sheer tragedy of his untimely death, that I couldn’t take notes, which I sorely regret now. I feel that my immediate thoughts were superior to anything I’m going to put down on paper now. But I’ll give it a whirl.

Tmv5bmtk1ndq0mzk2n15bml5banbnxkftztcwmtqynjewmw__v1__cr343013621362_ss80_he entire time, I couldn’t help wondering just how many members of the sold-out audience had maligned this supreme genius in his lifetime. I can honestly say that I never did, though I worried about him quite often.

Kenny Ortega, the director of both the aborted tour and this rehearsal film, and post-screening speaker, put together an incredible work of art, from showing us the real Michael Jackson, to giving us more-than-an-inkling to just how amazing the live show would have been. I was absolutely blown away from the magnitude of what the uber-talented crew had achieved in just three short months. Each segment of the stage show looked like it should have taken a year to do! Each individual number’s concept was mind-boggling. (I may have to go to the thesaurus soon because there are not enough adjectives of admiration I can come up with for this superlative production.)

Unfortunately for me, the beauty was also incredibly painful, knowing how this most magnificent of entertainers was tortured his entire life, first by his evil father, then by every advantage-taker there was. And that he was [allegedly] killed by an incompetent doctor’s greed and sycophancy is really almost too much to bear, especially when confronted with his major talent up there on the big screen. (And if his brother Jermaine accepts one more award acting like it’s about him and his family, rather than about Michael, I’m going to literally vomit in a bag and send it to him!)

There’s really not much else to say. Watching who to me is the best dancer who ever lived, in action, especially seeing just how sweet and kind he was to everyone, is an experience not to be missed. And to be remembered when next you want to say he was weird. Chances are good that having talent and fame like that makes one a tad eccentric, but he was entitled to be.

I’m just so grateful that I got to see Michael perform in person a couple of times many years ago. I’m overwhelmingly sad that I never will get that opportunity again. From this documentary, it looks like seeing the This Is It tour would have created the memories of a lifetime for all of us. Thanks Michael, for all of it. I hope this celluloid tribute of sorts helps you to finally rest in peace.


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