Even though I’m a major harker-backer, (which is great sometimes, but annoying the rest,) I really would rather always look forward, with optimism. (Actually, I mainly try to live in the present, but often that’s not so easy.)

So, ItsNotAboutMe.TV would like to officially welcome 2013! We’re always hoping for the best for everyone.

Now we’re all back to work. And making those pie-in-the-sky resolutions.

I never make any because I know I can’t keep them. I just try to continue to be a good person, and hope that everyone gets that memo, as well, although, realistically, I know that few do.

But, I’m going to continue counting my blessings, (which are many, if you really think about it, knock on wood,) and pray for peace on earth. No joking. Every year, when I blow out my January 14th birthday cake candles, (hint, hint,) I make a long silent wish, and then throw in “and peace on earth” out loud at the end, for laughs. But I’m really not kidding about wishing for it always.

Okay, reading over what I just wrote, I just thought of a semi-resolution I can make, which should make all of my readers happy: I vow to try to make my columns just a tad shorter. How about that? I always feel like I’m cheating, like in college, when I write a shorter piece; but, I swear, just now, in the shower I was thinking about it, and realized that, with everyone being so time-constrained these days, fewer words may be a service to the public.

So, with that in mind, I’m ending this one now, with a wish that 2013 turns out to bring everything we each want it to be.

And peace on earth.


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