I’m a super-busy semi-hipster who lives in a part of Los Angeles that has no public transportation. And when my hands and back cooperate, (not to mention my pals and associates and…Mr. X!,) I’m out at events both day and night.

So, I query again—how long do you think I’ve gone without driving in LA? Ponder for a moment, and then check the next paragraph.

Ready for the answer? Here goes—I haven’t driven in LA for over a year!!! Do you believe that???

carHere’s why, and how I’ve done it, while still having a full life:

Last July 9th, (2013,) I filled-up my car with gas (because Mr. X says that you can’t leave a car for awhile without it, and I was to be gone for five weeks,) and parked it in my garage.

I left for the summer in New York the next day, planning to return in the middle of August, to a fully gassed-up vehicle, I might add.

And that was the end of my driving days for awhile. I just didn’t realize it would be this long!

After just three days in New York, my hands went numb, (and were painful at the same time—go figure,) and I had to fly back to LA immediately to seek medical attention. And, of course, I couldn’t drive here at that time. I couldn’t use my hands for over three months, and wound-up having three hand surgeries, one on my right, the other two on my left, (which is still not doing great, by the way.) I was out of commission until the beginning of this year because of all that.

Up until this April, I was still receiving hand therapy, and on drugs, (prescribed ones, of course,) and still physically unable to drive. Once I was cleared to drive, there was another problem. Two actually. My precious Beemer was dead, and—here’s the real prob—it’s a stick! That means it hits exactly where the scar on my right hand is, so I can’t drive a manual at all anymore. And I love my car. It’s my baby! I’ve fought selling it for years. [Note: If you know your cars, and want to buy an E30 body, with super-low mileage, send me a note in the comments below. We won’t publish it, and I’ll get back to you right away with the deets. Include your email and phone #.]

So, anyway, that’s why I haven’t driven in this town since July 9, 2013!

The good(-ish) news is that I did finally drive in New York this Spring. My car there, The Work Horse, is an automatic, so it worked-out well. I finally drove it again on April 18th of this year, and did so about seven times in the month and a half I was there. The steering wheel really hurt my left hand, but I was thrilled to be driving again. And it was like what they say about riding a bike (or is that a horse?)—I really did it again with no problem. It didn’t even feel like it was nine months since I had driven!

So, back to my Los Angeles driving situation. I plan to drive again soon, to try out new cars. And then when I finally get one, I’ll be free again! I haven’t gone out by myself in that long! I love being with Mr. X and my pals, anyway, but I hate being a burden on them, so driving myself will be a relief, to them as well as to myself.

So, LA, I’m giving you fair warning—I’ll be back on the streets real soon, only with a new set of wheels.

Any suggestions on what car to get now? But it can’t be longer than one hundred seventy-five inches, to fit in my garage. I’ll appreciate any ideas you guys have.

And, Guinness Book of World records—if surviving and thriving in Los Angeles without wheels for over a year is a category, I’m applying for that record right now! It’s been exactly one year and two weeks now…and counting!


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