About the same time that my hands went down this summer, so did the capability of you guys being able to put comments on my columns. I’m very sorry about both. But, after four months, I believe we finally remedied that situation. (The comments one, not the hands, though those, too, to a degree.)

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 9.54.28 PMHere’s what happened: the day after my hands went numb, when I was in New York, we changed site “hosts.” The change-over caused a multitude of problems for ItsNotAboutMe.TV, but because I was dealing with the situation with my hands, I couldn’t give attention and energy to what was happening with INAM. As you know, I tried to still do week-daily columns using a voice dictation system, but that was pretty torturous, as well. (Both the new system and trying to talk while I was in so much pain.)

The attraction of the new hosts was that they are available by phone twenty-four hours a day. But I must warn potential customers of theirs that “available” is not the same thing as “able to fix the problems.” So here I am, four months later, and most of the newly-created problems still exist.

Most of them will not be noticeable to the average reader, but to a perfectionist such as me, they’re torturous. I myself hate reading sites and blogs that are muddled messes, or have anything wrong. [Note: I know this site is far from muddled; I just want everything easy and perfect, even the archives.] I’ve always been proud of INAM that it’s very easy to navigate and read. And comment on!

I appreciate every comment, even negative ones, and always want every single one of my readers to be able to share their opinions in the easiest way possible. So, to not have that area of this site available for a third of the year has been very hard for me to deal with. We’ve missed just about all of the comments for the last four months. Some have gotten through, but they’ve been mixed-in with more spam than I knew existed, so we’re still trying to ferret out the legit ones while weeding out the spam, which is an exhausting enterprise. So, if you’ve left a comment recently, but are still waiting for it to published, please bear with us. Many have been lost forever, but we’re still uncovering some good ones.

I appreciate all the emails I got regarding the situation, because without them, I would’ve never even known that none of you could leave a comment! (Many people have my email address through one method or another, and that’s how they let me know about the problem. I hope to have a site-specific email really soon, too.)

So, while it looks like all the other problems that are driving me crazy on this site will take a while longer to work out, we got the comments section, which is the most important one to me, of course, working again. So please feel free to comment away, effective immediately! I just hope some of the comments will be that you’re glad you’re able to comment again!

And not to spoil the surprise, but we’re planning a comment-based contest on Thanksgiving, which will involve the giveaway of none other than diamond jewelry! So, you have two weeks to start thinking of something clever to say. And here’s a hint—it has to be something nice about me. Because this time, it really is about me.


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