There are so many more great foods to choose from in New York than there are in Los Angeles, and the fact that I’m in the Big Apple (yet another food reference!) right now makes me crave them even more. And these are, indeed, in order. [Note: the first seven are in Brooklyn; the ones after that are in Manhattan.]

1) Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory–ice cream, of course! My favorite is a combo of chocolate chocolate chunk and peaches and cream. Yum-my!

2) Nathan’s–hot dogs and crazy thick wavy fries. For some unknown reason, that little red pitchfork makes those fries taste so much better than they would without it.

3) L&B Spumoni Gardens–round plain cheese pizza, but you have to eat it piping hot. Absolute heaven! I actually put my hair back in a ponytail, don sunglasses, and close my eyes for the first few bites.

4) Carvel–flying saucers, in any flavor, but especially chocolate rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

5) Café Shane–the best chocolate chip waffles ever. I always taste a hint of coconut in them, and that makes them so delicious. And the adorable owner, Luther, (also known as my mother’s ersatz boyfriend,) lets me have as much whipped cream as I want with them. What breakfast can be any better?

6) Roll-and-Roaster–famous roast beef sandwiches down by the water of Sheepshead Bay. It’s always the first place we eat when I visit my little mo.

7) Prima Pasta–Chicken Primavera, which is a very Italian dish of a chicken cutlet with salad on top. Served with potatoes and vegetables, it just doesn’t get any better than this for a kind-of healthy meal. And being in tony (for Brooklyn) Mill Basin doesn’t hurt, either.

8) Half King–the giant, delicious scones at this Chelsea pub are a meal unto themselves.

9) Gray’s Papaya–I know these cheap hot dogs kind-of suck, in general, but there’s nothing better when you’re starving and on the go.

10) Coppola’s–my favorite cozy Italian restaurant in the city, their pasta with sausage is a super-hearty and generous dish. Love the accommodating waiters, too.

11) Alice’s Tea Cup–while the service at all these afternoon tea establishments is, shall we say, spacey at best, their scones in oh so many fun flavors more than make up for it.


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