I’m always very grateful for most aspects of my life, especially the gem that is Mr. X. And that I had my mother and Clarence for so long. So, there’s really not much in life for me to be envious of.

But, every now and then, like when I was watching the walk-ins for the Oscars this year, (that’s how long ago I started this column!,) something hits me, like the first thing on my list below. So, I let my mind wander to see if there were other things in life I’m a tad jealous of. Mind you, I don’t begrudge anyone anything; I just would love these things for myself, as well. [Note: I don’t sit around eating my guts over these lacks; I’m just sharing my thoughts.]

Here are a few of the situations in life that I’m a tad envious of others for having:

The unbelievably close friendship of Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips! I wish I had a friend like that.

People who still have parents.

People with close families.

People who can make travel reservations easily.

Anyone who has an efficient secretary.

Anyone who has daily/weekly massages.

Anyone who eats at restaurants all the time, and at the drop of the hat.

The people who got to see Ronnie Hazel, Jr. on a daily basis as he was growing up.

People who don’t have a broken back!

Believe me, I’m very aware that there are so many worse things in life than even having a broken back. (Recently, I’m just grateful that a cannibal didn’t eat my face. Seriously. There are so many horrors out there.) I’m just saying what I’m jealous of. My Things I’m Thankful For column is already in the works, but I’m saving it for Thanksgiving. And, happily, that list gets longer every day!


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