Mr. X and I rarely agree on anything, so when we do, I know we’re on the side of right.

And we totally agree that there was soooo much wrong with that televised interview with Prince Harry and his wife on Sunday night. So much. [Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the extra bits that aired the following morning; I had had enough of Hapless Harry and Yoko Meghan by then. Even writing this article has been too much of my time wasted on those creeps.]

Harry and Meghan.  Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen, as is the big one at the top of this page.

Harry and Meghan. Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen, as is the big one at the top of this page.

I’ll get to it all, but first let me preface this whole thing by saying I used to adore Prince Harry. I stuck up for him in just about every scrape he got himself into, (outside of when he wore a Nazi uniform to a costume party when he was twenty, the bad judgement of which is hard to overlook.) I supported his kind works that he did as follow-ups to what his wonderful mother began. I felt for him to occasionally be referred to as “the spare.” (As in “the heir and the spare.”) That could not have been easy for him. And I really hoped that he would marry a lovely girl who would be as adored as his sister-in-law Kate is, (who is the perfect future Queen, by the way,) and that she would join in all the fun that the trio, (Harry, Kate, and William,) always looked to be having.

But alas, it was not to be. The sweet blondes he had courted, Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, have both expressed that they knew they didn’t want the kind of life that being a royal entails. Or perhaps were not in love with Harry. Either way, it’s a shame.

So, I feel Harry was very vulnerable when conniving, malevolent, master manipulator Meghan Markle got her hooks into him. (By design, it’s purported. She went to England for the sole purpose of trying to “get” Harry.)

The Queen being lovely to Meghan, as always. Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

The Queen being lovely to Meghan, as always. Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

I recently spoke with a friend who knew nothing of the Markle woman save for her one series acting stint on a cable show some years back. So if you are also in the dark, please trust me when I tell you that I’ve watched all of her machinations since she first set-out to snare herself the most eligible bachelor on the planet. (And I actually do give her credit for achieving her goal.)

I’ve followed the entire Royal Family since waaaay back, ever since Princess Diana came into the realm. The Queen has never been anything other than classy. She’s led a life of service ever since she was old enough to participate. I can’t even begin to imagine what her day-to-day thoughts must be. And now, with the love of her life, ninety-nine-year-old Prince Philip, being in the hospital for several weeks, (including a trip to a different hospital for heart surgery!,) and not being able to even visit him due to the covid risks, I have no idea how she’s been able to carry on her duties, including the Commonwealth Day address to her country earlier on the day of this Sussex interview.

The Queen's classy statement about the interview.

The Queen’s classy statement about the interview.

One would think that the self-serving Sussexes would have postponed the airing of the interview show at this critical time in the life of Harry’s family, but that thought never even crossed their minds! Anyone who sticks up for them after this incredible cruelty has no heart or soul, in my opinion.

There was absolutely no reason for them to give this interview ever. It’s all for their own publicity. The timing of it was designed to get people on their side right now, so all their upcoming mega-millions entertainment projects won’t be failures. I hope that the entire world can see that diabolical plan of theirs. (But, since neither one of them showed themselves to be the least bit amusing or entertaining, that goal of theirs may not come to fruition. Knock on wood.)

Before I get to the particulars, I have to say that I’m bitterly disappointed in both Hillary Clinton and the White House for seeming to believe the vitriol that was coming out of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I, on the other hand, agree with the assessments of a plethora of Royal commentators who have deemed the interview to be “vengeful,” “self-absorbed,” “attention-seeking,” and “deeply destructive.”

So now here are a few of Mr. X and my thoughts as the interview went along:

Meghan Markle and her "authentic" hair extensions!  Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

Meghan Markle and her “authentic” hair extensions! Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

Markle said the family was “depriving” her of things. But they’re not depriving her of anything; she’s the one who’s depriving her own husband and son of their family!

I hate that she keeps holding her stomach. We get it—you’re pregnant!

Does she think we’re supposed to feel bad for her because she had to curtsy to the Queen? We should all have that privilege.

I love that she says she wants to live “authentically,” while wearing hair extensions!

She made such a fuss over Kate supposedly making her cry once, before her wedding, though it was reported that she had made Kate cry. Who cares?! Someone has made each of us cry at some point! No matter the truth of the situation, it was the press who either got it right or wrong, not Kate! Kate never said anything because—here’s a news flash to Meghan, obviously–the Royal Family doesn’t comment to the press about gossip! Ever. Markle even admitted that when she joined “The Firm,” she was told to say “no comment” all the time. Has she forgotten that she just admitted that???

Kate, being kind, as usual, to Meghan at Wimbledon not even two years ago.

Kate, being kind, as usual, to Meghan at Wimbledon not even two years ago.

Even though I can’t stand her, I do think she is cute-looking and somewhat well-spoken. Except for saying, “Me and my husband.” (If you need to freshen-up on just how wrong that is, you can find-out here: itsnotaboutme.tv/news/national-daykarens-lesson-happy-national-grammar-day.)

Oprah also misspoke a few times in that interview. A couple of her speaking errors are saying “sister-in-lawS” instead of the correct “sisterS-in-law,” and “WimbleTon” instead of “WimbleDon.” I hate when people do the latter!

If Meghan was so lonely when she lived in England with Harry, why didn’t she do some charity work?

Okay, here’s one of the big ones–Archie’s not having a title has absolutely nothing to do with race! Prince Eugenie’s son does not, either. This is why: Harry’s great-great-grandfather, King George V, issued a “letters patent” in 1917 that states, “only the grandchildren of the sons of any such Sovereign in the direct male line (save only the eldest living son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales) shall have and enjoy in all occasions the style and title enjoyed by the children of Dukes of these Our Realms.” Queen Elizabeth issued an exception for William’s other two children, (beside George,) in 2012, four years before Harry even met the Markle woman!!! So, absolutely no slight, or racism, is involved with this!

And about saying that “someone” mentioned a concern about how dark-skinned their children would be–she relayed a second-hand convo, with no real dialogue to back it up. Even Harry beat about the bush.

Does this look at all like the Queen and Prince Philip give even one whit about Archie's ethnicity???  Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

Does this look at all like the Queen and Prince Philip give even one whit about Archie’s ethnicity??? Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

With all the things that Megan finagled over the years, she wants us to believe that the family would not let her go to a mental-health doctor? Give me a break.  She could have just said she had to go back to Los Angeles for her mom for a little bit, and see a doctor here!

She said that she’s not going to live her life “in fear,” but how about she just live her life in private? I’m sure that’s something that has never occurred to that fame-hungry woman.

She kept insisting that she’s lost so much. But she’s lost nothing. Only Harry has! He’s lost his entire family, way of life, patronages, and friends. If he thought he was “trapped” before, wait until he wakes up and realizes that now he’s practically her hostage!

The Senior Royals, all of whom I respect: (L-R) Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate.

The Senior Royals, all of whom I respect: (L-R) Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate.

Markle even claimed she lost her father over this, but…she dumped him! And I have serious doubts about her miscarriage story. If she was willing to lie about so many other issues—it’s been proven that the couple did not get married three days before their Royal Wedding, as they claimed to Oprah; she claimed she had not seen her sister in two decades, but there’s photographic proof of them together just seven years ago; and she said that she knew nothing of Harry or his fam before they met, but she also said that she knew Princess Eugenie before she met Harry, with one of her best friends even admitting in 2018 that Markle definitely googled Harry before she set out to meet him!–every word she has uttered is in question. She sooooo reminds me of Gene Tierney’s evil character in Leave Her To Heaven. Harry better watch his back!

Meghan Markle, looking like she's comtemplating her next destructive move. Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

Meghan Markle, looking like she’s comtemplating her next destructive move. Photo by Karen Salkin, off the TV screen.

If she can lie so easily about all of those issues, why should anyone think she’s telling the truth about anything?!

Liars are the most dangerous people. Just spewing their untruths, with no proof to their claims, can seriously harm others. And I suspect that’s exactly what’s happening here—there’s no proof to just about every accusation of the Sussexes. (Sadly, I personally know someone like that, whom we’ve deemed to be “poison,” but her lies go out to just a small group of people, not the entire world!)

One I find particularly hard to swallow is that the Palace took her passport, drivers license, and keys. First of all, keys to what? But more importantly, so many members of the Royal family drive, (even old Philip until recently,) so they all need their licenses with them. I doubt that they have to ask someone for it back every time they go someplace. Or perhaps someone, like each person’s private secretary, holds the passports for safekeeping. But Markle made it sound like she was a prisoner.

Another possible falsehood is Harry’s claim that his father cut him off financially after Megxit. But I distinctly remember being upset that Charles decided to still support his grown-up thirty-four-year-old son at that time! (And several of his friends declare that he did.)

Harry and Meghan trying to get her a voiceover job from Bob Iger, (in the middle, with his wife, Willow Bay.)

Harry and Meghan trying to get her a voiceover job from Bob Iger, (in the middle, with his wife, Willow Bay.)

Harry said that they just wanted to move to any Commonwealth country, like Africa or New Zealand, for a fresh start, to which Meghan kept nodding. Yeah, I’m sure that social-climber would have moved anywhere other than Los Angeles!!! Do you remember when they cornered Disney honcho Bob Iger in England, practically begging him to give her a voiceover job???

Here are the overall impressions I came away from this interview with:

If they don’t want to be part of the family, then don’t. But stop talking about it!

What was even the purpose for this convo, except to try to get people on her side???

This just proves that anyone who hires them is nuts; if things don’t go their way, they’ll just publicly make-up vitriolic scenarios to suit themselves.

I hadn’t even realized that the Markle woman was about to complain about her life! All I was focused on beforehand was Markle trying desperately to become a celebrity, and even more, the cruelty of the timing, on two levels. First of all, it was rotten of them because of Harry’s grandfather’s aforementioned condition, which means they piled the stress on his old heart along with giving his poor supposedly-beloved-by-them ninety-four-year-old Granny so many more worries at this crucial time in her life. And secondly, the timing for the world, particularly their two countries, is deplorable. With so many lives lost due to covid, and a plethora of citizens with no money, jobs, prospects, places to live, etc., to see the Sussexes sit there and complain that they have to use their own millions of dollars to fund their own lives should have made everyone sick! Mr. X and I cannot be the only ones who feel this way about their selfishness.

Harry's bad attire. Note the socks and shoes.

Harry’s bad attire. Note the socks and shoes.

Their basic claim was that everyone in the country seemed to hate Meghan, but The Firm wanted her “silenced” because she had gotten too popular! So, which was it? You can’t be popular if everyone hates you!

On a shallow note, does Harry own any other attire? (He wears this same gray suit all the time!) And who dresses him? If he has to wear that gray suit, how about some appropriate socks and shoes??? Ugh.

Meghan Markel wanted money and fame. Dot, dash, end of story. She erroneously assumed that she would get it by marrying into the Royal Family, but when people saw through her, she had to try a different tack, and this evil way was what she chose.

And, as I suggested over a year ago, (right here: itsnotaboutme.tv/news/gossipkarens-rants-i-could-not-dislike-that-markle-woman-more,) the Palace should just put an end to all this nonsense coming from her by doing a paternity test on Harry. I wholeheartedly believe it will show that James Hewitt is his biological father, and not Prince Charles. Then Mercenary Megan will leave him so fast. And she’ll do yet another interview, claiming bad things about Harry!

Prince Harry and James Hewitt.

Prince Harry and James Hewitt.

My last thought on this entire debacle is that there are a few people who are sooo happy for the timing of this publicity stunt, because it’s taken the attention off their own bad press right now, such as hopefully-soon-to-be-indicted Orange Hitler, Spanish-heritage-faker Hilaria Baldwin, in-danger-of-being-recalled Governors Cuomo and Newsom, possible cannibal Armie Hammer, and the Hollywood Foreign Press. Now we need some other attention-getter to take the spotlight off these Sussex ingrates!



  1. I’m so tired of rich and famous people complaining about their lot in life! I actually like Meghan a little more than you do, but I agree with everything you wrote. Tears over bridal dresses? I’ve never been in a bridal party that DIDN’T have someone crying over dresses! And if what Meghan said is true, why didn’t she stay in the family and try to change things from within? That would have made more sense than quitting and whining. I remember the nasty things written about Kate before she married William. It comes with the territory. Meghan willingly married into this. It’s difficult to feel sympathy for her. And, Karen, you’re so right about the timing of the interview – while Prince Philip is so ill. Just heartless.

  2. I am so friggin’ tired of this woman playing the victim – wah wah wah…poor me…I’m super-rich during a pandemic, have everything handed to me on a silver-platter, get what I want when I want, but KATE MADE ME CRY THREE DAYS BEFORE MY WEDDING OVER A FLOWER GIRL’S DRESS! Has she never been in a bridal party? Has she never planned a wedding? It’s called STRESS. We all have been there missy – not just you! My own mother made me cry over flower-girl dresses! Did the world stop spinning at that time? Was it front page news? So tired of her and feel so bad for him. HE lost everything. SHE gained fame and fortune.

  3. And Meghan took down both Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne, two of the most vile personalities today. So I’m totally Team Meghan.

    • Karen Salkin on

      While I’m far from a fan of Piers or Sharon, I’ll take them any day over that Markle woman! To cause the chaos and pain she did, while being fully aware of what a hard time it’s been for her husband’s family, is pure evil.

  4. Interesting, the British people are complaining about the absurd constant coverage about the royals. Even they’re tired of it.
    Enough , even they don’t care any more !!

    And Curtis, you’re right I’m thrilled that Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne are Hopefully gone!
    Let’s see how long that lasts.

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