So, I set-out to celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day in this e-zine with you guys. I know it’s not until Sunday, but I don’t publish on week-ends as a rule, so I’m doing it today in advance.

beware-ides-marchBut then I realized what today is—it’s the dreaded Ides of March! And, rather than celebrating this one with you, I’m reminding you, as Caesar was warned, to beware the Ides of March!

I have an amusing anecdote about these two days together. One of my dumbest pals, who gets a lot wrong in life, called me on one past March 15th, and said, “Karen, be honest—do you have to worry about the Ides if you’re not Irish?!” I couldn’t even laugh—my mouth had dropped to the floor. Her perpetual wrongness usually makes me laugh, but this one took the cake.

I had to explain to her that the only things that being Irish and Ides of March have in common is that they both begin with “I!!!!” And if you squint your eyes, you can also say that the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day, which celebrates an Irishman, are both in March. And they are just two days apart. But ever since that historic question from her, I often lump the two “special days” together, as I’m doing right here for you!

On top of that, this year the 17th has another special significance–the March Madness Selection Show takes place on St. Patrick’s Day. So that coincidence just may create a miracle for the NCAA Championship hopes of Notre Dame, whose nickname is The Fighting Irish, (even though I can’t imagine that poor basketball team has even a slight chance. I think the Ides got them more than St. Patty did!)

530773-st.patricks-day-traditionsUnfortunately, I won’t be able to watch those emotional selections unfold live because I’ll be at a dance show that starts at the same time. I hope there will be at least a few minutes of an Irish jig in that presentation. (If not, I may just have to hop on up to that stage! And you know that I’ll already be dressed all in green!)

When I wrote to my partner-in-crime for that day to tell him that if he’s not wearing even a little bit of green, he should be prepared to be pinched, he wrote back, “Oy vey.” Most of my other LA pals think like that, as well. I guess I’ll need to find a leprechaun to hang out with next year!

So, to all of you, I say, please be careful today, and have a really fun festive time on Sunday.

And to all of my Irish readers, Erin Go Bragh!


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