This is one “holiday” that is neither painful to me nor particularly fabulous. I haven’t had any awful ones, knock on wood, like I have with birthdays, anniversaries, and New Year’s Eves. They’ve all been just okay, which is really the way I like it.

Most of the Valentine’s Days I’ve celebrated in my life have been with Mr. X, and luckily for both of us, we feel the same on the subject. We don’t need to run out to dinner just because some long-ago greeting card company tells us to! We like to spend the day together, with no pressure on us to do something “special” for the other; he does special things for me on a daily basis–really–and I’m funny. No, seriously, I do things for Mr. X all the time. (And some of them he even wants me to do.) I’m practically Sally to his Linus. I look at him with hearts floating through the air and constantly think, “Isn’t he the cutest thing?” I stop short of calling him “my sweet baboo.” (I actually call him “my sweet baboon.”)

But back to Valentine’s Day. For my part, when I force something to happen for a specific day such as this, it often doesn’t work. And, from Mr. X’s perspective, this holiday comes smack on the heels of first Christmas and then my birthday exactly one month earlier, so how many more gifts do I need???

So, for those of you who feel the same as we do, good for you! There aren’t that many of us out here. And if you’re single, please don’t waste your time being depressed today, wishing that you “had somebody.” You will when it’s right. This day doesn’t make it necessary–please remember that.

So, if you feel like going out with pals, do it and have a great time, as you should every night! Friends are the most important thing in the world. And, if you’d rather not go out without a significant other, great–stay home and get something accomplished! One stupid day should not define your life. Everyone is liked by someone, and that’s really all that matters.

But, if this day is somehow hard to take, for whatever reason, how about volunteering somewhere? I’m sure that there are some widowed senior citizens around who would love some company today. So, go for it, and I’m sure that it will do your heart more good than dinner with your mate. At least, it should!

One last note: if you do celebrate with your honey, I hope you picked-up some good tips from my Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas column last week! If you’re panicking right about now, here’s the link because better late than never:

And, of course, I love all my readers, so I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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